Cottage clean on May Hill

Deep clean on May Hill

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A few week’s ago, we conducted a full survey of carpets & upholstery near May Hill.

Following on from our quotation, we were asked to conduct the clean last week, so myself & one of our Quedgeley based technicians spent the day in a lovely corner of Gloucestershire.

The scope of the work included four traditional wool rugs, a large embroidered sofa, as well as six decent sized rooms & two staircases. 

It was definitely a full days’ cleaning for two of us!

In some ways, the professional cleaning of all soft furnishings involves a similar process:

  • Dry extraction
  • Stain treatments, as necessary
  • Application of a fabric-specific pre-spray
  • (An appropriate level of) Agitation
  • Some form of extraction of the soils etc. that have been made soluable

Today, we needed to work efficiently to ensure all items received the same level of attention.

Sofa after initial vacuuming scaled

As you can see in the upper right hand corner of the photo, there was a noticeable greasy deposit bound into the fabric that would need some specific attention.

After a careful vacuuming of all elements of the sofa, it soon became apparent that the cushions continued to hold on to a significant amount of dust.

For this reason, I took them each outside and gave them a sound beating the old fashioned way 😉

Once this initial dry extraction was complete, it was time to apply a pre-spray. In this case, it was our hi-tech eco-friendly sanitising cleaning solution that  a c t i v e l y  breaks down soils & greases into easily rinseable molecules.

Applying eco friendly pre spray to upholstery scaled

Once this was complete, I agitated the solution deep into the fabric using a soft brush.

After a short dwell time, it was time to rinse extract…

Rinse extracting upholstery using an atomising hand tool scaled
Precise rinse extractionsteam cleaning of upholstery scaled

In order to deal with the greasy stain, an additional orange-extract based solvent was applied, then immediately extracted.

Our technicians are fully trained and work hard to deliver an outstanding clean every time. We take pride in sourcing the best eco-friendly products available to ensure that we can clean with a clean conscience. 

Sometimes there are specific types of stains that will not respond to the range of plant-derived solutions we use. If this is the case, we will consult with our customers & decide what the best way forward is. Occasionally, this will involve the measured application of a professional-grade, fabric safe solvent. If this is done, it will then be fully rinsed & disposed of responsibly according to PAS 64 standards.

Professional upholstery cleaning in Gloucestershire scaled

After we had lunch, I began to work through the variety of rugs. Owing to their age & continued use, these each carried a considerable soil-load and required extensive vacuuming & back-beating.

Take a look at the short (poor quality) video as a guage of what these types of rugs can yield up. This footage was taken after an initial vacuum to both sides of the rug, followed by back-beating…

Once I’d removed as much dry soil as possible, the rugs were each pre-sprayed, agitated, then rinse extracted.

Rug cleaning on May Hill scaled
Eco friendly rug cleaning in Gloucestershire scaled

We were delighted to be given both a space to air the rugs, as well as the apparatus to hang them on! This is not usually the case and we generally leave air-movers to accelerate drying.

Rug drying after eco friendly clean 2 scaled
Rug drying after deep eco friendly clean scaled

Now we really were getting toward the tail end of the day & Pete was finishing the stairs.

The final process was to deep-clean the downstairs carpets-

Redefining the meaning of green cleaning!

Traditional rinse extraction of wool carpet in Gloucestershire scaled
Eco friendly lounge clean scaled

When all elements of the work had been completed, we conducted a walk-through with the customer. I’m pleased to say she was delighted with each aspect of the clean.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you keep your home cleaner & greener, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you for reading.

Professional vacuuming prior to carpet clean

Pete began upstairs by carefully moving all items of furniture. The Green Man team will usually move most furniture by default, only leaving very heavy or fragile items in place.

Once this was done, he conducted a full professional vacuum of all areas using our industry-standard Sebo BS36.

This machine has two independent motors – one for powerful vacuuming, one to power the beater bar, generating a deep level of agitation to coax out the deepest of dry soils!

A carpet after a deep eco friendly clean.

While Pete worked upstairs cleaning the carpets, I began with the sofa.

This particular item was from the 1960’s, British made with a complex embroidered fabric that needed a gentle touch.