Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Gloucester

When a desert parlour called our team to look at the shop’s iconic mats, we were only too pleased to help. Commercial carpets & mats in restaurants can sustain heavy foot traffic from customers, organic spillages, as well as a build up of greasy accretions from the kitchens. A range of issues is always an interesting challenge, requiring a good understanding of cleaning chemistry & process.

Unusually, rather than cleaning these particular rugs in situ, we brought them home to the back garden! This is not our standard practice but because the restaurant was busy serving delicious deserts, it would have meant significant health & safety concerns and inconvenience for customers.

How we cleaned these commercial carpets:

  1. The heavy foot traffic had created a heavy soil load. The first line of attack was professional vacuuming using the Sebo BS46 (pictured above). The motorised beater bar agitates & lifts the pile, while a separate vacuum motor has the power to recover up the 72% of the available soil before we have even applied a pre-spray.
  2. Organic spillages from food & drink can contain proteins, oils, sugars & all manner of ingredients. We used an eco-friendly, bio-cleaning solution that literally digests these soil types and holds them in suspension for easy rinsing.
  3. Greasy soils are often treated with harsh, highly alkaline cleaning detergents. Here we were able to emulsify the oil using a colloidal solution that breaks the bond between the carpet fibres & the grease, enabling us to rinse it out with hot water extraction cleaning.

How did we do?

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Bristol

The Togo design from Ligne Roset is a timeless classic, and one that we encounter from time to time. These two sofas were in a generally good condition, apart from greasy marks on one sofa from the family dog.

1. The initial part of our fabric cleaning process is the initial pre-test. The visual inspection had confirmed significant oily build-ups on one of the sofas. To successfully remove this, we would need to use one of several solutions.

The pre-test allows us to ensure that no damage is caused to the fabric. We apply a small amount to an inconspicuous area and observe the results. We are checking to see if there is any change in either the texture of colour of the fabric. In most cases, one of the benefits of using eco-solutions is that they don’t rely on high alkalinity or an aggressive action to achieve results.

2. The next stage is particularly important on this specific design of upholstery. As you can see, the sofa is textured with long lines of folds, all of which can hold on to a huge amount of dry soil. On the two sofas, the vacuuming alone took nearly half an hour.

3. After the vacuuming, we apply the pre-sprays & agitate them into the fabric to help break down soils. Whilst these dwell in the fabric, we set up the rinse extraction machine. 

Ligne Roset Togo detail

4. Rinse extraction (sometimes called “steam cleaning”) is the final stage of the  professional upholstery cleaning process where we recover the remaining soils held within the cleaning solution.

A gentle rinse agent helps us to ensure as much as possible can be recovered from the fabric, leaving it outstandingly clean.

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Parquet floor cleaning & polishing in Calne

Here you can see how a very dry, unprotected parquet hallway has been transformed by our team. Our process is eco-friendly, pet-safe & suitable for all types of wood that have been originally varnished, oiled or waxed.

Our initial deep-clean will remove years of built-up soil from the dirtiest of floors – 

When we carry out an initial survey for wood cleaning, our technicians will offer honest advice regarding whether our process will deliver the required finish, or whether it is time to get your wooden flooring re-sanded. Many home owners are surprised to discover that sanding is not the only way to give wood floors a new lease of life.

Before and After

Sometimes, images deliver the message in the clearest terms, so here is a “before & after” of an area of our work on this project:

Professional wood cleaning in Chippenham

Once clean, we then dry the wood so that it is ready to accept the new layers of polish. you can opt for a matt, satin or gloss finish to suit your taste.

If you have any questions regarding our wood cleaning & polishing service, please feel free to get in touch.

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