Commercial Carpet Clean in University Hospital, Cardiff

This week, we were delighted to be commercial carpet cleaning at the LATCH Children’s Cancer Charity in University Hospital, Cardiff aka The Heath. This was a large-ish carpet clean and required two technicians for half a day. Let’s find out how it went…

Healthcare cleaning in Cardiff

Setting up the carpet clean

Cardiff commercial carpet cleaning specialists

Parking at Cardiff’s main hospital can be an interesting experience, so we had made a plan beforehand. All our commercial cleaning work will involve a free initial survey, so we had scoped the most efficient way to organise this side of things already.

The vans fitted in the multi-storey car park on site, but with only an inch to spare! This definitely made driving in and out of the car park a test of our nerves.

Thankfully, we were able to use the zoned outside the Noah’s Ark/ Children’s Hospital for Wales to unload the carpet cleaning equipment, before driving off & parking.

The challenges of commercial carpet cleaning in a healthcare environment…

Office carpet cleaning in Cardiff
Healthcare cleaning in University Hospital of Wales Cardiff

Carrying out a full deep-clean of carpets requires some fairly serious kit, not to mention the lengths of vacuum and solution hoses which connect to the rinse extraction machine. However, in a busy hospital corridor, the last thing you want is multiple trip hazards and a wet floor!

Our commercial cleaning work would normally tend to be carried out after a premises has closed or at the weekend. Hospitals tend not to operate standard shop hours, so we carried out a risk assessment and designed a cleaning method that would minimise potential hazards.

The images above show the two main elements of the clean. In the first, our technician Sam is using a Numatic rotary machine with a solution tank. There is a brush on the bottom of the machine which enables him to apply the carpet cleaning pre-spray at the same time as agitating the carpet. This reduces the amount of time the clean takes, therefore reducing risk.

Short lengths of vacuum hose minimise risk
Short lengths of vacuum hose minimise risk
Carpet cleaning in Cardiff
Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff

We used a smaller extraction machine on this job and short lengths of hoses. This meant that we could “park” the machine close to where we were working and minimise the likelihood of anyone tripping over the kit. The image above demonstrates how we usually manage to clean a heavily furnished space – we move everything to one side, clean the exposed carpet, then vice versa!

Deep cleaning service in Cardiff
Commercial carpet cleaning in South Wales

In more restricted spaces like bedrooms, moving the furniture is important to ensure a complete clean can be achieved.

In the images above, you can see how the team have moved beds & bedside tables to get around the interior. In a healthcare setting where the primary aim of cleaning is hygiene, attention to detail and thoroughness are important.

Carpet cleaning service in Cardiff

Fantastic results!

Best carpet cleaning service in Cardiff
Professional carpet cleaning in Cardiff
Professional commercial carpet cleaning in Cardiff

A large amount of soil was lifted from these carpets. By tailoring our professional carpet cleaning method to the needs of this job, we delivered a safe & effective clean.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to get in touch.

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Commercial cleaning Cardiff

Outstanding results on a beautiful limestone floor in Wiltshire.

Did you know we also clean limestone floors? Limestone floors are a beautiful choice in a variety of different areas, whilst also looking stunning, it can be hard wearing and durable.

However, due to the natural texture often found in the tiles they can trap soil and debris which accumulates and proves hard to remove with home methods.

Green Man can help to remove this soil accumulation, to rejuvenate your tiles, using our powerful but environmentally processes.

It is often recommended to apply a layer of sealant to the tiles after deep cleaning, to protect the stone from oil and water-based stains without impacting the beautiful, striking appearance.

Newly sealed limestone floor in Wiltshire
Newly sealed limestone floor in Wiltshire
Professional stone tile cleaning in Wiltshire
Professional stone tile cleaning in Wiltshire

Our eco-friendly process can breathe new life into your limestone floors bringing them back to their best so they can be admired for years to come.

Cleaning and sealing can increase the longevity of your floors and increase their lifespan, saving you money and reducing waste.

If you would like the Green Man team to attend to survey your limestone flooring, discuss your needs, our processes and provide you with an estimate, please use the contact us button below. We would be delighted to help.

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Eco friendly stone cleaning in Wiltshire
Eco friendly stone cleaning in Wiltshire

Commercial Cleaning in Oxford

Commercial cleaning is largely about maintaining hygiene and an optimal standard of appearance for customers & workers alike. In a busy city centre coffee shop in OX1, the sofas & chairs experience a lot of use, as well as occasional spillages. We were instructed to carry out a full deep-clean on upholstery in the shop after closing.

Commercial carpet cleaning in Oxford
Commercial carpet cleaning in Oxford
Commercial cleaning in Oxford
Commercial cleaning in Oxford

It was already dark when we arrived and Gloucester Green Outdoor Market not long closed. Upholstery Cleaning in Oxford City Centre could have presented us with a logistical nightmare, but the parking Gods were with us 🙂

When we clean upholstery fabrics, we will usually carry out a pre-test to ensure the material is safe for “wet cleaning”. Commercial fabrics tend to be synthetic & fairly robust in order to withstand the greater use they have. This was the case here and a quick once over confirmed that the upholstery was suitable for rinse extraction cleaning.

Fine upholstery cleaning in Oxford
Fine upholstery cleaning in Oxford

In this image, our technician Pete is rinse extracting the sofa fabric.

Sometimes our customers think that this is the only process that is involved in an upholstery clean. In actual fact, it’s the final stage out of a series of processes all designed to remove the maximum amount of soil.

Our upholstery cleaning method involves:

  • Fabric pre-testing
  • Dry extraction (using Sebo BS36 & upholstery tool)
  • Spot/stain treatments
  • Application of pre-spray
  • Agitation using a soft brush
  • “Dwell time”
  • Traditional rinse extraction
  • Fabric re-grooming

The clean went extremely well.

The initial dry extraction removed the kind of debris you would expect might accumulate in a busy coffee shop.

We used a professional solution on the arms & edges of the sofa to help break down the greasy residue that builds up from lots of contact with human hands.

This is fairly typical in both commercial and domestic cleaning scenarios. It is more problematic on natural fibres, as they are more likely to have absorbed the problem within their fibres.

The one or two coffee stains (we had expected more) were treated with an acidic solution that addresses the familiar tannin brown stain and reduces it until it is invisible.

Once the spot/stain work was complete, we applied an appropriate pre-spray, brushed the solution in, gave it a reasonable “dwell” time, then rinse extracted.

Specialist upholstery cleaning in Oxford
Specialist upholstery cleaning in Oxford

Once the work was complete, we tented the upholstery to help accelerate the drying time, packed up our kit and headed back out onto Gloucester Green (where we had managed to park the van).

If you have a question about our commercial carpet/ upholstery cleaning service in Oxford & would like a free consultation or survey, please feel free to get in touch.

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Eco friendly upholstery cleaning in Oxford
Eco friendly upholstery cleaning in Oxford

Successful decontamination of bathrooms in Bristol

Did you know we offer decontamination services as well as the services you see us blog about more frequently?

Decontamination services can be used in a wide variety of locations from homes to businesses such as doctors surgeries and care homes. Decontamination services can be used to control an outbreak of viruses, such as coronavirus, or where there has been contamination from a particular source.

Jon was called recently to assist with two bathrooms in a property in Bristol.

Decontamination using a fogger5 1536x1028 1
Decontamination using a fogger
Disinfection cleaning in Bristol
Disinfection cleaning in Bristol

These bathrooms had been contaminated where routine unblocking works for a blocked toilet had resulted in ‘blow back’. This is where the materials blocking the pipes are forced back out through the toilets.

On this occasion the contaminated materials had sprayed all over all of the surfaces of the bathrooms, including the backs of the doors.

All disinfection/decontamination work begins with a systematic deep-clean to remove contaminating soils. The use of an appropriate cleaning solution will knock back the bacterial load at this stage. Certainly, post-Covid, most of us are aware of the sanitising impact of even household soap!

Once all soft furnishings had been removed Jon got to work addressing the soiling itself by thorough deep cleaning using a commercial cleaning solution specifically designed for disinfection.

To ensure all bacteria is safely removed a fogging process was then used.

During the early stages of Covid, we were aware of many companies offering fogging as an instant way to disinfect an area – please remember: ANY PROFESSIONAL DECONTAMINATION WORK BEGINS WITH SYSTEMATIC CLEANING!

Waving a fogging machine around is not going to cut it!

The fogging machine atomises a disinfecting solution into a fine mist that penetrates all the hardest to reach areas. Using the fogger does not cause any problems or harm to electrical devices, people, plants or pets but will kill contaminating pathogens on contact. We use a product with the following log kill:


ANTI-VIRAL EN14476 LOG KILL 4.33 = 99.99%

ANTI-FUNGAL EN1650 LOG KILL 6 = 99.9999%

What is Log Kill and why does it matter?

Disinfection professionals today are generally concerned with what percentage of a given germ is killed by a particular process or disinfectant. The highest percentage that is generally used is 99.9999%. In scientific research papers, this percentage is written as “ a 6 log10 reduction”, but in medical shorthand, it’s known as “a greater-than 6-log reduction” or “a log-6 kill rate.” ‘Log’ is short for logarithm, a mathematical term for a power to which a number can be raised.

Log rates are calculated using a logarithmic scale. Log reduction stands for a 10-fold (or one decimal point) reduction in bacteria, meaning the disinfectant or biocide reduces the number of live bacteria by 90 per cent for every step.

The log reduction achieved by a decontamination process is a measure of the reduction in the concentration of a contaminant and therefore the reduction of risk.

Generally, you can say that log Kill is a description of how effective a product is at killing pathogens and Log Reduction is the description of how much of the pathogen will be killed.

To help understand the value of each additional “log”, let’s do the sums for a small colony of a million MRSA bacteria on a work surface in a hospital in this instance we are using the ‘Log Kill as used to describe the efficacy of our Biocidal products:

• A 1-log kill reduces the colony to 100,000 MRSA bacteria after a 90% reduction;
• A 2-log kill reduces the colony to 10,000 bacteria after a 99% reduction
• A 3-log kill reduces the colony to 1,000 bacteria after a 99.9% reduction;
• A 4-log kill reduces the colony to 100 bacteria after a 99.99% reduction;
• A 5-log kill reduces the colony to 10 bacteria after a 99.999% reduction;
• A 6-log kill reduces the colony to 1 MRSA bacterium after a 99.9999% reduction... [- Info courtesy of Fragile Earth]

Science/Maths lesson over!

After careful application of the biocide, these bathrooms were now decontaminated, and the customer could be reassured that any contaminants & pathogens of the ‘blow back’ was removed and their bathroom was safe and pleasant to use again.

To see fogging and decontamination services in action, visit the website here. There is more information on the process and circumstances in which fogging and decontamination services may be necessary.

If you would like further information, use the button below to get in touch with us.

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Successful Builders clean in Bristol office

Following the completion of an office refurbishment in Bristol, we were tasked with carrying out a builders clean to get the space looking clean and fresh before the company moved into their new premises.

We were asked to clean approx. 2000 sq feet of hard flooring and a shower room, however our experienced team knew that it would not be just the flooring that was hiding a multitude of dust!

A small team of technicians spent the afternoon dusting, cleaning & polishing the interior windows, wiped down the walls & switches, cleaned & sanitsed the shower room and finally deep cleaned all the flooring.

Following the completion of the clean, we also recommended buffing the floor with a polish as it would lift the matt finish of the floor significantly to enhance the newly cleaned/new office impression.

By cleaning the other areas of the office that were covered in dust particles gives a much better overall impression to the end result/look of the office space. Not only does it look more professional, but it also ensures that the area is both cleaner and santised for the occupants of the office to work in.

If you have recently had building work done in a commercial or domestic setting or if you are planning on getting work done in the future, please feel free to contact us for a quote, a builder’s clean is a truly great way to not only complete but enhance the work that has been carried out.

Builders cleaning in an office in central Bristol
Builders cleaning in an office in central Bristol