Wonderful commercial office carpet and upholstery cleaning results in Bristol

Pete and Ollie were working together recently on this large scale commercial office carpet and upholstery clean in Bristol.

You can see all the equipment the team needed to tackle the cleaning in this office. When making bookings we will often ask about access, this is to ensure all this equipment can be safely taken to the areas requiring cleaning.

Green Man team commercial carpet and upholstery clean in Bristol
Upholstery cleaning in Bristol
Commercial office carpet cleaning in Bristol
Deep eco friendly carpet cleaning in Bristol offices

Commercial offices often have a high volume of footfall and have heavy traffic marking. Hot drinks made in rushed breaks can be knocked over and stains from food spills are a common occurrence, these offices are no exception.

Initially, for both the upholstery and the carpets a full dry extraction is required. This is to remove all the loose bits of debris, soil and dirt, we use professional vacuum cleaners to remove as much of the surface dirt as possible.

Commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning in Bristol

Once the vacuuming is done, it is time to address the staining. Each stain needs to be treated and addressed individually, there are a variety of methods to treat stains, depending on what caused them. You can read more about how to remove stains in the home here.

Process picture of office commercial carpet cleaning Bristol
Deep eco friendly carpet cleaning in Bristol offices
Commercial office carpet cleaning Bristol
Commercial carpet cleaning Bristol

After applying an eco-sanitising pre-spray, the next step in the process is rotary agitation, this is to agitate the fibres to remove deep down embedded dirt. In heavy football areas dirt can get worked down into the fibres of the carpets and become trapped, it requires more than vacuuming to remove this.

After rotary agitation the final stage in the process is rinse extraction, otherwise known as traditional steam cleaning. Most people are aware of the bacteria eliminating benefits of the steam cleaning process and they are used for the same purpose on a commercial scale. It also rejuvenates the pile of the carpet and the whole process leaves the carpets more resistant to staining.

Deep office commercial carpet cleaning Bristol
Completed commercial carpet cleaning in Bristol

As you can see, the carpets have responded really well to the Green Man cleaning process and are looking clean and are fresh and ready for the staff to come back to a much nicer work environment.

Deep cleaning of commercial upholstery Bristol

The upholstery also received the full Green Man deep cleaning process and ended up looking beautiful and free of stains.

Completed upholstery clean in Bristol
Office upholstery cleaning in Bristol

Pete and Ollie achieved some amazing results here, the office carpets and upholstery now all have a new lease of life. They are fresh and clean and are now more resistant to staining.

Green Man commercial cleaning in Bristol

If you have a commercial premises in need of carpet and upholstery cleaning, or want any further information about the services we provide, please do not hesitate to reach out to us using the contact us button below.

Renewing the carpets of your rental property

Do you own a rental property? Did you know that conducting an annually or bi-annually professional carpet clean, can significantly increase the life expectancy of a carpet. Many landlords will have the carpets cleaned at the end of a tenancy so they are looking their best for the new tenants, however by this time the accumulation of soiling & untreated stains could of already reduced the carpets lifetime significantly. The life expectancy of a carpet varies hugely based on the usage & care shown to it over the first few years following installation.

Conducting an annually or bi-annually professional carpet clean is recommended as this involves a much more thorough deep clean & will ensure any remaining soiling is removed.

We can offer two different methods of cleaning depending on the level of soiling;

1 – Our modern low moisture clean which can be highly effective on medium to lightly soiled carpets. It offers an efficient and modern method that delivers a good level of clean with very quick drying times. 

2 – If the carpets require a more thorough & effective clean then we would recommend a traditional rinse extraction. The combination of hot water extraction & modern cleaning technology is often the key to getting good results, especially in student accommodation!

Bath property rental
Bath property rental
Professional carpet cleaning in Bath
Professional carpet cleaning in Bath
Carpet cleaning of rental accommodation

If you are looking to protect your carpets & get the most for your money by increasing their life expectancy then applying a good stain protector can reduce the likelihood of spillages causing permanent staining, as long as you are able to address the issue fairly soon.

A stain protector can be applied after a professional clean has been performed or once you have bought a new carpet. Either way, a quality stain protector will help protect your carpets for longer.

End of tenancy cleaning
End of tenancy cleaning
Carpet cleaning in rental properties
Carpet cleaning in rental properties

If you are looking to have the carpets professionally cleaned due to the end of a tenancy or looking to keep them looking smart by having them cleaned throughout the tenancy, they will certainly benefit from a rejuvenating clean. Not only does a professional clean leave your carpets sanitised & deodorised, they are also more resistant to staining as part of the process.

Green Man Professional Carpet Cleaning
Green Man Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you are interested in having the carpets cleaned in your rental property by our fully trained technician’s, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can use the form below or get in touch with us via phone or email using the details shown here – Contact Green Man For Professional Cleaning In Bath, Bristol & Frome (greenmancleaning.co.uk)

Commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning with great results for a University in Bristol.

This University in Bristol got in touch with us as they needed a large amount of upholstery and carpets cleaned. This job needed to be done out of hours as it is usually busy with students. Jon, Pete and Levi teamed up for this large scale commercial job.

University carpet cleaning

This is a really busy, high traffic area of the University. There were lots of stains that needed addressing as well as marks from heavy footfall.

The team split the jobs and got to work.

The first step for the carpet tiles and the upholstery was a thorough vacuum with professional vacuum cleaners to remove all the loose debris and dirt.

Commercial carpet cleaning in the South West

After as much loose soiling had been removed, the team moved on to treating and addressing the staining. This area of the University is used as a common room type area, where lots of food and drinks are consumed.
This means there are a lot of spillages and therefore stains to address.

You can read more about the stain removal process here.

These commercial carpet tiles are a good choice for this area as they are low pile. Dirt can still get embedded in deep down in the fibres of the fabric, so next it was onto rotary agitation to loosen worked in soiling.

Large scale carpet cleaning in Bristol

After the rotary agitation, the team moved on to traditional rinse extraction.
Rinse extraction, often known as steam cleaning, is the part of the process that deeply sanitises the carpets and gets as deep into the carpet as possible.

Professional cleaning of a university carpet

The same process was used to thoroughly clean the upholstery. This process is a deep, professional clean as well as being environmentally friendly. Similar to the carpets, the upholstery had a lot of food stains that needed to be removed using our professional treatments.

Upholstery cleaning in a University
Commercial upholstery cleaning in Bristol University

For large commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs like these we always conduct a survey. This is to enable us to accurately assess the areas and items that require cleaning as well as discussing any access requirements, including if the work needs to be conducted out of hours.

Commercial upholstery and carpet cleaning in Bristol

The team achieved some great results here, the carpets and upholstery are thoroughly clean and are more resistant to future staining as part of the process. This Bristol university can now rest assured that this area and all the upholstery is fresh and ready for the students.

You can read more about our commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning work here.

If you have a commercial premises in need of carpet, upholstery or hard floor cleaning, please use the contact button below to arrange a survey.

Wonderful domestic carpet cleaning results in Bath

Domestic carpets get a huge amount of wear and tear just from every day family life. Stains, spillages, and a high volume of footfall over the same area can lead to domestic carpets looking tired and grubby and in need of some TLC.

This lovely property in Bath this week was no exception.

Deep eco friendly carpet cleaning in Bath
Carpet cleaning in Bath
Stairs carpet to be cleaned in Bath
Green Man eco friendly carpet cleaning in Bath

Ollie got to work with our thorough Green Man process.

This starts with dry extraction of all the carpets to remove any loose soil and dirt, using a professional vacuum cleaner.

Once all the loose dirt has been removed it is time for treating any stains. Staining is one of the biggest problems for domestic carpets and sometimes they cannot be removed. We have several methods to try, especially if we know what the stains are, however on some stained areas the stain may remain.

You can read more about stain removal here.

After the stains have been addressed an environmentally friendly pre spray is applied.

During carpet cleaning in Bath
Bath domestic carpet cleaning

Traditional rinse extraction is the final step in the deep cleaning process. This is deep cleaning using steam to ensure that all ingrained bacteria and soiling is addressed.

Once all this has been completed you can rest assured that your carpets have received a full professional deep clean, which is also environmentally friendly.

Stairs carpet cleaning in Bath
Domestic stair carpet cleaning in Bath
Deep cleaning carpets in Bath
Cleaned and freshened carpets in Bath
Bath eco friendly carpet cleaning

As you can see from these images, Ollie has achieved some incredible results! These carpets are hugely improved in appearance, not to mention they are now sanitary and fresh.

These impressive results were achieved in Bath but we can also provide this service in Bristol, Swindon, Cardiff, and Gloucestershire so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you want to enquire about carpet cleaning for your own home or business please do not hesitate to use the contact us button to start the process to rejuvenate your carpets.

Effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning at The White Lion, Bristol

Last week, a two technician team had a 6am start and worked flat-out to turnaround the carpets at The White Lion, Westbury-on-Trym. Opening time was at 11, so they had their work cut out!

Fortunately, the manager here had done a great job of clearing the majority of the restaurant area. We began by using a Sebo BS36 combined with a Sebo BS46 to carry out a deep vacuum of the entire pub – this included: large restaurant area, main bar area, back restaurant area, stairs & male/female loos.

Getting agitated…

After the floors had been vacuumed, it was time to apply an enzyme-based pre-spray and agitate this into the carpets. Enzymes are generally used for this type of job as they are particularly effective in breaking down the sugary deposits from drink spillages, as well as greasy soils that get tracked into the carpet from the kitchen area.

Commercial carpet cleaning in Bristol

For commercial carpet cleaning work, we often attach a solution tank to a rotary machine.

This enables us to carefully dose the amount of pre-spray we apply to a carpet, whilst simultaneously agitating it with a shampoo brush. The brush spins at around 180 RPM which disperses the pre-spray evenly into the carpet fibres, whilst also helping to break down stubborn soil deposits.

This particular machine is dual-speed.

It can be used for carpet cleaning, as well as for buffing hard-floors.


Bristol commercial carpet cleaning

This image shows our technician making a massive difference on these stairs. The stairs had significant accumulations of blacktop – this is where sugary deposits attract multiple layers of soil to form a solid black surface.

We used copious amounts of pre-spray, a drill-brush, then plenty of rinse extraction with a stair tool to improve things in this area.

Here’s the Before & After!

Carpet cleaning stairs in Bristol
Deep cleaning of pub carpets

Traditional Rinse Extraction

Many carpet cleaning companies prefer to low-moisture clean commercial premises, because of the easier process and headline fast-drying times. What they fail to mention is that the process fails to remove the majority of the bound-in soiling, particularly in pubs & restaurants. Managed carefully, traditional rinse extraction will far out perform low-moisture cleaning and is the only cleaning method approved by carpet manufacturers such as Axminster.

We continued to work methodically around the pub… …

Rinse extraction cleaning a pub carpet in Bristoljpg
Cleaning a pub carpet in Bristol

By the end, we had extracted a large quantity of soil from the carpets & left them looking much brighter –

Pub carpet cleaning in Bristol

The team finished the work and cleared all the equipment out exactly by 11am, just before the first customers of the day arrived!

If you run a commercial premises and are interested in discussing how our commercial carpet cleaning service might benefit your business, please get in touch.

Thanks for reading!

Successful upholstery cleaning in Bath

A new week & a new challenge for our technician, Ollie as he was tasked with thoroughly cleaning some upholstery in Bath. The customer contacted us to book an upholstery clean due to the soiling beginning to show on this pale grey sofa as well as some visible milk stains. The customer had sent us some photos of the sofa before our visit which is always helpful so we have an idea of what we are working with prior to arrival.

The customer had advised us that this was a polyester velvet sofa. Although we will pre-test the fabric on arrival, it is always really helpful to know what material your upholstery is made of before we visit as this not only impacts the price of the clean but also gives an indication as to whether it can be cleaned & which of our cleaning processes with bring out the best results.

Stained upholstery
Stained upholstery
Stain treatment in Bath
Stain treatment in Bath

Having already pre-tested the material & then thoroughly vacuuming it, Ollie then treated all the visible stains. All of our technicians have a range of stain treatments that they can use to tackle unsightly marks as some stains respond better to specific products than others. So, if you know what the stains are, let us know, the more information we can gather from you, the more we can tailor the clean to meet your requirements.

Professional sofa cleaning
Professional sofa cleaning
Sofa cleaning in Bath
Sofa cleaning in Bath

Once the stain treatment had been applied, the agitation began. This can be done in numerous ways, using handheld tools, larger electric machinery or just good old-fashioned manual agitation! Whichever method is used, the action brings any soiling to the surface so that is can be removed via traditional rinse extraction.

Traditional rinse extractions (otherwise known as steam cleaning) removes any soiling, water & products that have been used during the cleaning process & this is where you begin to see the difference as shown in the right hand photo above.

Professional upholstery cleaning in Bath
Professional upholstery cleaning in Bath
Upholstery Cleaning in Bath 1
Upholstery Cleaning in Bath 1

As you can see from the photos above, Ollie, achieved a great level of cleaning here & the customer’s sofa was looking much cleaner & fresher.

This was a full deep-clean and was also a green clean using our eco-friendly products.

If you are thinking of having your upholstery cleaned, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below or alternatively, email us some photos to hello@greenmancleaning.co.uk & we would be happy to help.

Leather upholstery cleaning in Bath with wonderful results

Leather upholstery is a popular choice for many homes due to its durability and sleek appearance. Leather is hard-wearing and resilient to family life.

Over time, leather can become worn and lose its lustre and colour and that is where we come in!

Leather upholstery cleaning in Bath
Leather sofa clean in Bath

Ollie was tasked with cleaning this lovely leather sofa in Bath recently. As you can see from the images above, the sofa has some signs of wear and tear. This is particularly visible in the middle, this is where people are sitting the most frequently and clothes have caught and scratched the leather over time.

Leather cleaning in Bath

The image above shows the process of the clean, you can see the left hand side has been cleaned and protected and the right side is yet to be done.

The process for cleaning leather is a hand clean manual process involving application of a leather cleaner to remove the surface dirt then application of a leather treatment and buffing. The leather treatment rejuvenates the leather and evens out many of the scuffs and scratches.

Leather sofa cleaning in Bath
Leather clean final result in Bath

As you can see from the images above, the sofa is looking bright and beautiful again. Lots of the white marking and scuffs have been evened out and the leather is looking shiny and greatly improved. The leather is also protected and will be less prone to marking and scuffing. The more care you can give to your leather, the longer lasting it will be.

If you have leather upholstery in need of a clean please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we can arrange a survey to assess your requirements.

Bringing Quarry tiles back to looking their best in Wales

Earlier this month, our technician Pete travelled to Chepstow in Wales to breath life back into a tired looking tiled floor. The quarry tiles had not been professionally cleaned or treated in many years which led to them looking a little dull.

Quarry tiles are hard non-porous paving tiles created from ground minerals which are formed into a tile shaped and fired just like bricks. The images below shows the condition before the clean –

Hard floor clean in Chepstow
Hard floor clean in Chepstow
Quarry tiles in Wales
Quarry tiles in Wales

As you can see, soil & stains have built up on the surface of the tiles & on the grout and now require restoration & resealing. General cleaning such as mopping will probably have exacerbated the problem by simply spreading slurry into the lower areas where it dries out and the detergent leaves a sticky residue, attracting further soiling.

The only way to improve things is to use a hot solution that would break the soiling & agitate using a rotary machine and a manual grout brush. The results of which can be seen below –

Good results on quarry floor tiles
Good results on quarry floor tiles
Good results on tiled floor in Wales
Good results on tiled floor in Wales

Whilst any imperfections in the tiles will remain after a professional clean, the floor is most certainly cleaner & looks much better.

Following the clean, we accelaerated the drying process using air-movers & then applied an impregnating seal.

A natural finish is created using an impregnating seal which is absorbed into the tile, it enhances the colour of the tiles & protects against spillages etc.

If you are thinking of having your hard flooring cleaned, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We would recommend organising a survey so we can determine the condition/ specific requirements of your floor.

Good results on tiled floor in Wales
Good results on tiled floor in Wales

2 outstanding carpet repairs in Gloucestershire.

Jon has been busy recently working in Gloucestershire on some carpets in desperate need of some repair. We love repairs here at Green Man as it means it is saving a carpet from landfill and getting people more for their money!

Repairs are technically challenging and we need to assess them all on their own merit. We will always ask you to send us images of the damage so we can assess the likelihood of a successful repair and offer you a quote.

Carpet repair in Gloucester

This repair in Longford, Gloucester was an unusual one, a hairdryer had been used to dry some trainers and then the trainers were placed onto the floor.

As you can see they left a rather prominent burn mark, there was no option for this other than a repair.

Jon got to work removing the old section of burnt carpet and preparing the donor carpet. The donor carpet is what is used to replace the damaged area, it can be an offcut or we can take carpet from an out of the way area such as a cupboard.

Gloucester carpet repair in progress
Carpet repair completed in Gloucester

Here you can see the completed repair next to the old damaged trainer burnt section. This customer preferred to vacuum themselves, usually this is something we will do for you as part of the repair.

Donor carpet can often vary slightly in colour when first placed down, this is due to the UV light changing the colour of the original carpet and wear and tear. Over time, the repair will become even less visible and will blend in.

For more on the process of carpet repairs click here.

The next repair was in Cirencester and Jon had this beautiful boy keeping him company!

Cirencester carpet repair
Carpet repair in Cirencester

The repair this time was needed to a damaged stair. The image on the right shows that Jon took the donor carpet from inside a cupboard to fix this damage.

Gloucestershire carpet repairs

The repair has been completed and is looking wonderful. It has saved the customer having to replace the whole stairs carpet, saving them money and preventing a decent carpet ending up in landfill well before it is ready to.

Stair carpet repair in Cirencester

We offer repairs in all of the areas we cover. These two were Gloucestershire but if you are in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Cardiff or any of the surrounding areas we would be happy to assist you with a repair.

If you have some damage, no matter how big or small, please feel free to reach out to us using the contact us button to discuss a repair.
We will always ask for images so we can offer a quotation specific to the work you require.

Impressive upholstery clean of large sofas in Bristol

Ollie was tasked with the full deep clean of some large upholstery in Bristol recently. Upon arrival, the upholstery was assessed and the area was prepared ready for the Green Man environmentally cleaning process to begin. This includes protecting the area around the sofas to ensure no dirt or water is transferred to any other areas not being cleaned on this visit.

Green Man cleaning process
Upholstery cleaning in progress in Bristol
Corner sofa deep clean in Bristol
Green sofa cleaning in Bristol

These sofas were very large and there were lots of cushions to be treated so Ollie needed to be very organised to ensure nothing got missed and all the hard to reach areas were thoroughly deep cleaned.

After an initial vacuum with an industry standard vacuum to remove all the debris it was on to treating any stains.

This one did have a stain from pets that needed to be addressed before moving on to the general clean.

Large corner sofa cleaning in Bristol
Deep eco friendly sofa cleaning in Bristol

After an eco-sanitising pre spray it was time to move on to the rinse extraction. This process is also known as steam cleaning and gets deep down into the fabric to remove embedded dirt and bacteria.

environmentally friendly upholstery cleaning in Bristol
Green Man deep upholstery cleaning

The large volume of cushions needing to be cleaned here meant that Ollie had to try to find ways to leave the cushions and the frame so that they can dry thoroughly.

You can see in the images that Ollie positioned the cushions in a way in which air flow can get around the surfaces as much as possible, as well as using a fan to increase the air flow and speed up the process.

We generally advise our customers to allow 4-5 hours for items to be fully dry post clean. This can be sped up by using methods, like Ollie has here, to increase the air movement around the upholstery. This can include opening windows and having the heating on.

Cleaning of large sofas in Bristol
Upholstery deep cleaning in Bristol
Sofa cleaning in Bristol
Deep eco friendly sofa cleaning in Bristol

Once all the cleaning had been completed they were left to dry thoroughly before being used. Ollie achieved some fantastic results here to remove the staining and give these sofas a new lease of life.

If you have upholstery in need of our professional deep cleaning service we may sometimes ask for you to send us across images. This is so we can get an idea of the material, size and condition and assess which of our cleaning methods may be the most appropriate. We can then also offer you the most accurate estimate for your clean.

Please do reach out to us using the contact us button below, we are more than happy to discuss your cleaning needs with you.

You can read more about our upholstery cleaning here.