Fantastic results on commercial hard flooring at Longleat

It’s always a pleasure to be called out to the Longleat estate in Warminster, Wiltshire regardless of what cleaning is involved. Following a successful survey on some commercial flooring in one of their restaurants a few months ago, our senior technician, Jon, called back this week to carry out the clean.

Longleat Restaurant Clean
Longleat Restaurant Clean

The main restaurant is a large space with laminate flooring that required cleaning, sanitising, drying & buffing all before opening to the public at 10am. This meant a nice early start for our technician.

After the floor was vacuumed to remove any surface debris, the rotary machine was then used to clean the laminate which using brushes & pads removes persistent soiling which is common in commercial floors of this type.

This also applies a cleaning solution to the floor at the same time to give it a thorough clean.

The next step in the process is wet extraction which ensures any remaining debris & cleaning products are extracted.

Once the floor is dry, our technician applied a buffing solution & used a soft pad on the rotary machine to buff the floor which improves the overall finish of the floor & creates a nice shine.

Commerical floor clean in Warminster
Commercial floor clean in Warminster
Commercial cleaning in Wiltshire 1
Commercial cleaning in Wiltshire 1
Laminate floor clean in Warminster
Laminate floor clean in Warminster
Commercial floor clean in Wiltshire
Commercial floor clean in Wiltshire

I think you can see from all the photos shown above that Jon did a great job & the floor throughout the restaurant looks cleaner, fresher & brighter & it was all completed before the 10am deadline!

For commercial premises, we would suggest carrying out a short survey to establish exactly what kind of flooring you have & what is needed to bring the best out in your floors, whether they are carpet or hard flooring. We can then provide you with a quote tailored to your business needs. For more information of our commercial services, please follow the link here.

If you have commercial premises that you think would benefit from a professional clean, please do not hesitate to contact us today, you can use the form below or click on the following link to see all of our contact details as shown on our website – Contact Green Man For Professional Cleaning In Bath, Bristol & Frome (

Commercial Builders clean in Bath with wonderful results

Jon and Levi were working late recently on this commercial builders clean in a new restaurant in Bath. The job involved a hygiene clean of all the surfaces as well as a deep clean of the hard floors.

Commercial hard floor and builders clean in Bath

This restaurant needed a full deep builders clean to be ready for opening to the customers of Bath.

The process for cleaning the hard floors involves a vacuum first to remove all the loose soil and debris.

After all the loose soil is removed, it is time to work on the embedded dirt, this is done using an eco-friendly solution and a rotary machine (see image).

The agitation helps to remove any dirt that is trapped and get into the surface of the floor to clean as deeply as possible.

Commercial hard floor cleaning in Bath

Once the flooring has been cleaned and any edges and grouting have been addressed, the slurry is then removed using a wet vac.

The flooring is then rinsed to remove any residue and the wet vac is used again to remove the water.

Green Man deep commercial clean in Bath
Commercial premises builders clean in Bath

Here you can see the wet vac removing the water from the floor. In some circumstances this is sufficient however we do sometimes force dry the floors using air-movers where necessary.

Deep builders clean of commercial restaurant in Bath
Commercial builders deep clean in Bath

This night-clean was to get the restaurant looking its best for the following day’s grand opening. The surfaces and floors all needed to be shiny, as well as sanitised and compliant!

If you require any commercial hard floor cleaning, or a builders clean, please do reach out to us using the contact us button below.

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