Successful clean of commercial upholstery in Bath

On a sunny Friday earlier this month, our technician Ollie spent a productive few hours cleaning a host of commercial upholstery at a hall in Peasedown St John, Bath. The mornings clean was a result of one of our technicians conducting a successful survey of the chairs a few weeks prior which meant that Ollie was fully prepared & knew what was ahead of him to achieve the best possible results.

Firstly, Ollie laid tarpaulins under the chairs to protect the floor during the cleaning process. Then he began by thoroughly vacuuming the chairs to remove all the surface debris which prepares them for the rest of the cleaning process.

The chairs are then subject to pre-testing which ensures that our technicians know exactly what material they are working with & can match the products accordingly.

Luckily for Ollie, these chairs were in reasonably good condition, however they were still subject to the entire deep cleaning process which means any stains that he noted were treated appropriately. The products were given time to dwell which helps breakdown the deposits as much as possible prior to rinse extraction.

All of the chairs were then covered in an eco-sanitising pre-spray.

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Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

The last step in the process is the traditional rinse extraction, otherwise known as steam cleaning. This is where the extraction machine uses a mixture of hot water & products to thoroughly clean the upholstery. It brings any soiling to the surface which is then extracted along with the water & remaining product. This step in the process is sometimes repeated in the event of heavy soiling, although this was not the case on this occasion.

Deep cleaning of upholstery
Deep cleaning of upholstery

As it was a nice day, Ollie took advantage of the warmer weather & arranged the chairs outside to dry in the sunshine!

All 46 chairs are cleaner, fresher & sanitised as a result of a professional deep clean.

Bath Commercial Cleaning
Bath Commercial Cleaning

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Excellent commercial upholstery and stain removal cleaning in Chippenham.

Ollie and Joanne teamed up this week for a large commercial upholstery and stain removal cleaning job in this village hall in Chippenham. There was a vast amount of upholstered chairs, in varying conditions, that needed a thorough, deep clean.

As you can see from the video on the right, Joanne and Ollie got themselves organised with different areas for different aspects of the clean. All whilst making sure the flooring underneath is protected with tarpaulins.

Once set up, Joanne and Ollie could move on to the first step in the process, a thorough vacuum to remove all surface level dirt. After this it was on to finding and treating all the spots and stains.

Commercial upholstery stain removal
Commercial stain removal on upholstery
Commercial chair stain removal in Chippenham
Upholstery cleaning in Swindon
Commercial upholstery cleaning in Swindon

As you can see from the images above, there are numerous steps in the stain removal process. Depending on what the stain is, which we often do not know, there are different methods to be used.

At home, when you know what the stain has been caused by, we have a helpful guide with some tips and tricks here.

For our technicians, their experience and knowledge of their products alongside pretesting, assists them in knowing where to start with tackling stains.

After all the stains have been addressed and an eco-sanitising pre-spray has been applied, it is time for the rinse extraction.

This is the most deep and powerful phase of the cleaning process and where the embedded dirt and bacteria is removed and addressed.

Chair cleaning in Swindon
Commercial chair cleaning in Swindon

On a job this large, an air mover is set up to assist in drying these chairs thoroughly whilst others are being cleaned.

This was a large amount of commercial chairs that Joanne and Ollie has brought back to life. The chairs are refreshed and rejuvenated and looking more vibrant in colour.

All the staining has addressed and the chairs are sanitised and ready to be used for new events in the village hall.

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Magnificent rug deep cleaning in Gloucester

Rug deep cleaning was the main task of the day for Pete on this recent visit to Tayton, Gloucester. There had been some fire damage that had created a lot of soil deposits in numerous rugs and items of upholstery that needed the Green Man deep cleaning process. There had also been some damage caused by the water used by the fire brigade to extinguish the fire.

Deep rug cleaning in Gloucester

Rug cleaning can be a very tricky process and often the technicians have to tread very carefully. Dye can easily migrate during the cleaning process which the technicians have to address and avoid impacting on other areas. Delicate fringing needs a lot of care and attention to avoid creating damage to the fibres too.

The dye migration pre test is the first step in the process for our technicians when cleaning rugs, it also indicates how the rug is likely to react to the cleaning process.

After the pre test has been done the technician moves on to a thorough vacuum of the front and back of the rug. Heavy soiling can be trapped in both these areas and this helps to remove as much as possible before getting deeper into the cleaning.

Any spots and stains are then treated before a wool safe eco sanitising pre spray is applied.

Agitation is the next step to disturb any stubborn soiling trapped down within the pile. This can be done by hand with a brush or by machine, depending on the need and the material.

Rug Cleaning in Gloucester

Traditional rinse extraction, otherwise known as steam cleaning is the final step in the process which also offers the deepest level of clean and sanitisation. As you can see from the image above where the rug is halfway through the rinse extraction process, the dirt is efficiently and effectively lifted from the pile, leaving the rug not only visibly cleaner but sanitised throughout.

Gloucestershire eco friendly rug cleaning
Rug and sofa cleaning in Gloucester
Large rug cleaning in Gloucester

Once cleaned, the rugs are then left to dry. Where possible, we try to leave these in locations such as over chairs or bannisters to increase the air flow to the surface area to aid in thorough and quick drying. With larger rugs we advise on hiring an air mover to assist in drying the rug as efficiently as possible.

Upholstery and rug cleaning in Gloucestershire

The sofas in this property were also given the Green Man deep cleaning process to remove soiling, odour and staining caused by the fire and the extinguishing process.

As you can see the cushions here have also been left propped to encourage air flow around for an even and speedy dry.

Gloucestershire rug cleaning
Upholstery and rug cleaning in Gloucester

As you can see from the images, the rugs and sofas are looking fresh and rejuvenated. You can see from the waste water image the amount of soiling that was being held in these items. The owners can now rest assured their furniture and rugs are clean and sanitised and are left more resistant to future staining as part of the process.

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Wonderful commercial upholstery cleaning in Frome

Ollie was in Frome recently, where a business in the business park required our professional commercial upholstery cleaning services. This commercial property had two upholstered sofas that needed the Green Man treatment.

Green Man upholstery cleaning in Frome
Green Man commercial upholstery cleaning in Frome
Frome upholstery cleaning

Once Ollie had got all of the equipment ready and moved into the building it was time to get his work area set up and assess the sofas and check the customers requirements.

The company had two of these lovely grey sofas that were to be fully professionally deep cleaned.

Commercial upholstery cleaning

Ollie then started with dry extracting the sofas, this is vacuuming.

Using an industry standard vacuum cleaner all the loose debris and soil is removed from the fabric, and the hard to reach areas.

Spot and stain treatments are next, any areas of concern are addressed with environmentally friendly solutions. Common areas for staining are the arms and sofa seat cushions. Grubby hands holding onto the arms and spillages are common problems.

Frome commercial upholstery cleaning

An eco sanitising pre-spray is then applied before moving on to agitation. Agitation, whether done by hand or by using a machine, is to release any embedded dirt and soil that is deep down within the fibres.

Rinse extraction, also known as steam cleaning, is the final stage in the process. This is the step in the process which provides the deepest level of cleaning and sanitises the upholstery.

Deep cleaning of upholstery in Frome
Deep commercial upholstery cleaning in Frome

The cushions are then left in a manner that the most air flow can get around as much of the surface area as possible. This aids a speedy drying time.

Ollie has achieved some fantastic results here and these sofas are looking as good as new and are ready to be used by customers and staff.

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Superb clean of Victorian tiled floor in Gloucester

Our Gloucester based technician, Pete, visited a potential customer last month to survey their Victorian tiled hallway which they advised was looking discoloured. Conducting a survey allows us to determine the condition/specific condition of your floor, which involves assessing the type of floor & grout you have, we can also carry out a test clean & strip if needed & apply finishing seals to help you decide which type of finish you would prefer.

Following on from the successful & informative survey, Pete returned to the property last week to carry out the clean.

The first step was to start stripping the existing topical seal, unfortunately there were many layers which made this a very time consuming part of the process.

Stripping of Tiled Floor in Gloucester
Stripping of Tiled Floor in Gloucester

Once the remaining seal has been stripped from the tiles, the area is thoroughly swept & all debris is removed. Now that the floor is prepared, the cleaning begins! Pete applied an eco-friendly tile specific cleaning solution to breakdown old deposits of soiling & ingrained layers of detergent which have accumulated in the grout lines & flaws of the tiles. The solution is applied using a rotary machine to ensure the floor is scrubbed thoroughly.

The next step of the process is to extract all the resulting slurry which the rotary machine has created. The floor is then cleaned & rinsed again using pure water only & is then left to dry ready to return the following day for sealing.

The photo on the right is how the floor was looking at the end of the first day following all the above steps.

Hard floor tile cleaning
Hard floor tile cleaning

When returning the following day, the floor is completely dry & ready for sealing. First, we applied a coat of impregnated seal which penetrates the surface to protect against water & soiling from entering the tiles.

The final part of the process is to apply the seal that the customer has chosen, in this case it was a gloss seal. After the first coat has been applied, this is allowed to dry before applying further coats.

Applying the right type of seal not only improves the overall appearance of your floor but also protects against scuffs & spillages.

You can see from the images opposite & below that the tiles have not only been cleaned but the colours enhanced. Fantastic results by Pete that really help make a striking entrance to this customers house.

Victorian Tile Clean & Seal
Victorian Tile Clean & Seal
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If you have a tiled floor or any hard floor that you are thinking of having cleaned, please visit the relevant section of our website for more information – Hard Floor Cleaning | Green Man Cleaning

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Fabulous upholstery deep cleaning in Swindon

Joanne has been hard at work in Swindon this week, this customer had several items of upholstery in need of the Green Man cleaning process.

Green Man upholstery cleaning in Swindon

As you can see, Joanne had a lot of cushions to tackle at this job, so she set up a protected area of flooring where she could begin the deep cleaning process, whilst ensuring the floor below is protected and the cushions are going onto a clean area so they do not pick up dirt once they have been cleaned.

Deep cleaning of upholstery in Swindon
Upholstery deep cleaning in Swindon
Upholstery cleaning in Swindon

Once Joanne had organised the space she was going to clean in and decided on a plan of action she was able to initiate the Green Man deep cleaning process.

This includes;

  • Vacuuming
  • Assessment and treatment of spots and stains
  • Application of a sanitising pre-treatment
  • Agitation
  • Rinse extraction

You can read more on our upholstery cleaning process here.

All our work is environmentally friendly and all our technicians are fully trained and insured.

Armchair deep cleaning in Swindon
Upholstery sofa cleaning in Swindon

One of the biggest challenges in cleaning such a large amount of upholstery is ensuring the cushions and frames dry out fully as quickly as possible.

As you can see from the images, Joanne has positioned all the cushions to allow as much air flow around the cushions as possible. This will decrease the drying time. The blue machine you can see is an air mover, this ensures there is a large volume of air moving in and around the cushions to dry them as quickly as possible.

large sofa deep cleaning in Swindon

For smaller jobs where an air mover is not necessary there are other things that can be done to decrease the drying time. Naturally, you would hope the warm conditions of the summer would improve drying times but this is not to be counted on in England! We do advise where possible that customers leave windows open and the heating on, this ensures items can dry fully as fast as possible.

The owners of this property were delighted with the results of Joanne’s upholstery deep cleaning and can rest assured that their furniture is hygienic, sanitised and more resistant to staining.

If you would like to Green Man team to come and rejuvenate your upholstery, or have any other cleaning requirements we can assist with please do get in touch.

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