Successful Rug & Upholstery Clean in Chippenham

Earlier this month, our technician, Joanne spent a productive morning as a residential property in Chippenham cleaning 3 sofas & a rug. All the items for cleaning were in good condition but with numerous cats & dogs, the customer wanted a deep clean to get them all cleaner, fresher & sanitised.

To get the cleaning process off to a good start, Joanne gave the sofas a thorough vacuum to lift as much surface debris as possible. Then any visible stains were treated & an eco-sanitising pre-spray was applied. These products are given time to dwell to ensure they break down any stains/dirt.

Once these solutions have done their job, Joanne uses a rotary agitation tool to gentle agitate the fabric & bring any remaining soiling to the surface ready for extraction.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

The final part of the cleaning process is the traditional rinse extraction, otherwise known as steam cleaning. This machine removes all the remaining soiling, products & water from the upholstery.

Once this particular sofa was cleaned, it was on to the next one …..

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As there was lots of cleaning going on, Joanne used air-movers to help speed up the drying process for the customers as shown in the photos above. Once this clean of this sofa was completed, it was on to the next one….

The same method of cleaning was used on all 3 sofas, and the use of the air-movers continued whilst Joanne moved on to tackling the rug.

WhatsApp Image 2023 10 05 at 16.36.49 fe1c612e

As with the sofas, the rug was in good condition, the customer was just looking for a good clean & freshen up. The method of cleaning rugs is similar to that of upholstery although it is generally more time consuming.

Firstly, Joanne laid a couple of tarpaulins down to protect the floor whilst cleaning the rug. In the warmer months, we try to clean rugs outside but this was not possible on this occasion.

Once the rug has been placed on the tarpaulin, it is pre-tested, specifically for dye-fastness. Once it has been confirmed that is ok to proceed with the clean, the rug is vacuumed front & back.

Any stains that have been noted are then treated before a wool safe eco-sanitising pre-spray is applied.

Professional Rug Cleaning
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Once these have had time to dwell, the rug is agitated to bring the remaining debris to the surface & then finally the rinse extraction takes place to remove all remaining debris, solutions & water.

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Once this had all been completed, the rug is left to dry. We recommend hanging them over the backs of chairs or bannisters where there is good airflow to help speed the drying process up.

All of the upholstery & the rug has had a full deep clean that is also a green clean which left them all cleaner, fresher & sanitised using eco-friendly products that do not compromise on results. All the products used are also safe for pets & humans!

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Satisfying commercial hard floor cleaning in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire

Commercial cleaning at a visitor attraction

Pete and Mike were working together on some commercial hard floor cleaning in beautiful surroundings at a popular visitor attraction in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire this week.

Commercial cleaning with a view

This is a busy tourist attraction where there are hundreds of pairs of feet travelling over the hard floors, often with muddy boots and shoes.

Due to the high level of footfall and soiling these hard floors were in need of a thorough deep clean. There were numerous toilet blocks, and inside visitor areas that were treated to the Green Man deep cleaning process.

Odour neutralisation works were also implemented here after the cleaning, to ensure all the visitor areas were fresh and sanitised and generally a pleasant place to be!

Commercial hard floor cleaning in Slimbridge
Hard floor cleaning in commercial premises
Commercial tile cleaning in Slimbridge
Commercial hard floor cleaning of toilet block

The process for cleaning hard wearing, high traffic areas like these involves a few different elements to achieve the best resullts.

The first step is to remove any loose debris and soil from the surface, this is done by using powerful vacuum cleaners. Next is the application and agitation of an environmentally friendly solution to break down and remove any trodden in dirt. As you can see from the images above, this is done using a rotary agitator to really work the solution into the floor and release any trapped dirt.

Commercial toilet hard floor cleaning in Slimbridge
Commercial tile cleaning in Gloucestershire
Commercial work in Slimbridge

The slurry created by the cleaning solutions, water and the lifted dirt is then removed by using a wet vac. As you can see above, this effectively removes all the dirty water from the floor, taking all the loosened grime and dirt with it. The floors are then rinsed again and the water removed once again. Where necessary, if the level of soiling is high and the floors require it, the whole process can be repeated again.

Commercial team clean in Slimbridge

Thanks to Pete and Mike’s hard work, these commercial hard floors are cleaned, sanitised and fresh ready for another season of visitors passing through.

Green Man commercial hard floor cleaning

If you have a commercial, or domestic, premises in need of some hard floor cleaning we would be happy to help bring them back to their best.

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