Amtico, Karndean & Luxury Vinyl Floor Cleaning

The concept of luxury vinyl tiling is huge variation, hassle-free maintenance and durability. We use a combination of eco-friendly solutions and technology to safely bring your flooring back to its former self.

These types of flooring are often produced with a textured, wood-like finish. These ridges can accumulate deposits of soil over time and can be difficult to fully rinse. Our systems use a range of technologies to drive modern, eco-friendly cleaning solutions into these grooves, ensuring a thorough level of clean.

Sometimes, the installation of Amtico (and other floor types) can be flawed. Deposits of adhesive are sometimes left to dry and prove very difficult to remove. We have a variety of methods to safely remove adhesives and clean your vinyl flooring, restoring it to a brighter, more hygienic state.

Amtico strip and seal

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During the initial survey, we will advise whether or not it will be necessary to apply a new dressing to your flooring.

The benefits of modern polymer-based dressings include:

  • Non-slip finish
  • Quick drying (each coat usually dry in 20 minutes).
  • Traffic marks, scrapes and footwear marks reduced.
  • Durable protection gives long life to your flooring.
Amtico floor clean in Cheltenham