Beautiful results of Victorian tiled hallway in Bath

Victorian Tile cleaning in Bath

We were contacted last month by a customer who was interested in having their Victorian Tiled hallway cleaned as it was looking a little dull & tired. We arranged a suitable time with the customer to go & conduct a short survey of the floor to help determine the condition & specific requirements of the floor. All of our surveys are carried out by trained technicians & involve the following;

  • Assessment of type of flooring & grout
  • Assessment of damp levels & sub-floor
  • Test clean & strip (if needed) of discrete sample area
  • Application of finishing seals (to help you decide what type of new finish you might require)

Following a successful survey & subsequent quote, our technician Jake spent a productive day on Wednesday this week carrying out the clean. As you can see from this photo, the floor was indeed looking dull & in need of some professional tlc.

To prepare the floor for cleaning, the first thing Jake did was to thoroughly sweep it to remove any surface debris.. Once this has been done, an eco-friendly tile specific cleaning solution is applied to breakdown the historic soiling which accumulates in the flaws of the tiles & the grout lines.

Tiled floor cleaning by Green Man
Tiled floor cleaning by Green Man
Cleaning of Tiled floor in Bath by Green Man

The cleaning solution is applied using the rotary machine which is a weighted machine that ensures that the floor is thoroughly scrubbed. The resulting slurry is then extracted & the floor is then cleaned again for a 2nd time before it is rinsed using pure water.

The floor then needs to dry. The drying process can be done one of two ways, it is either left to dry naturally overnight or it can be forced dry with the use of air movers. On this occasion we opted to force dry the floor.

Once the tiles were completely dry, it was time to seal it. Our technician applied 2 coats of a colour enhancing seal by ECOPROTEC. This seal repels water, oil & grease & helps protect against staining.

This is the finished result!

I think we can all see how much brighter & cleaner the tiles look. Having the tiles professionally cleaned & sealed has certainly helped create a much more welcoming sight when you enter this lovely hallway.

Tiled floor clean & polish by Green Man

If you would like to arrange a survey of your flooring, please do not hesitate to contact us today. All of our contact details can be found here – Contact Us

You can find more information about the other types of hard flooring that we clean by visiting the relevant page of our website – Hard Floor Cleaning

We hope to hear from you soon!

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