Brilliant results on Travertine tiles & flagstone floors in Cheltenham

Professional hard floor & carpet cleaning in Cheltenham

Both travertine & standard limestone floor tiles lend a light, natural atmosphere to a room. These types of stone are often formed with a textured face which can accumulate soils over time. Which is where Green Man comes in, we can provide a modern, deep cleaning process that has the power to penetrate & remove stains on naturally finished stone such at Travertine.

Following on from a survey that we had carried out previously for this customer, two of our technicians called back this week to carry out the cleaning. The customer has travertine tiles in their kitchen/diner as well as the utility room & toilet. As these are areas of heavy footfall, you can see from this photo that they were looking dull & lifeless.

Travertine cleaning by Green Man

The first step in the cleaning process is to prepare the floor which means manually sweeping & vacuuming the floor to pick up as much surface debris as possible. Then we apply an environmentally friendly stone cleaning solution to the travertine floor & use the rotary machine to agitate the floor. This gently cleans the floor whilst applying some pressure to any stubborn staining.

Professional cleaning of hard floors by Green Man
Agitation of Travertine Flooring by Green Man
Agitation of Travertine Flooring by Green Man

A wet vac is then used to pick up the resulting slurry. This part of the process is often repeated to ensure the maximum amount of soiling is removed.

Professional cleaning of travertine flagstone flooring
Tile & Grout cleaning in Cheltenham

Once this has been completed, it is time for our technicians to get on their hands & knees and manually clean the grout using a grout brush.

Once the tiles & grout have been cleaned, the floor needs to dry before we can apply any seal. We will often suggest applying a seal to travertine floors as this will protect the stone from both water & oil based stains whilst keeping the natural looking finish. On this occasion, our technicians applied two coats of Ecoprotec impregnating seal.

Professional cleaned & sealed Travertine flooring
Cleaned & sealed Travertine flooring in Cheltenham

As you can see in the images above, upon completion the floor looked completely different. It was so much cleaner & brighter, a job well done!

If you are thinking about having your flooring cleaned, you can find more information about all the different types of hard flooring we clean on our website by clicking on the following link – Hard Floor Cleaning | Green Man Cleaning

If this is of interest to you, we would recommend carrying out an initial survey first to help determine the condition/specific requirements of your flooring. If you would like to arrange a survey with one of our trained technicians, please do not hesitate to contact us today. All of our contact details can be found here – Contact Us

We hope to hear from you soon!

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