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Commercial carpet cleaning in Bristol

Today’s clean was a deep-clean of all the communal carpets in two blocks of a new build in Filwood Park, Bristol.

The process was as follows:

  1. Remove rubble/plasterboard etc.
  2. Industrial vacuum throughout
  3. Treat paint marks etc.
  4. Apply eco-friendly pre-spray
  5. Agitate
  6. Traditional rinse extraction (which is the process shown in the video)

The result?

All carpets throughout were restored to their original condition. To be fair, they are only a month old, but since they have been laid, countless surveyors and trades have trodden mud in and out, spilt paint on them etc. etc!! Our job is simply to bring them back to as close to new as possible so that the new buyers are entirely satisfied when they move in to their new homes.

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