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We all love a bargain.

In recent times, eBay and Gumtree have become as likely places to source new furniture for our home as DFS or Sofa Workshop. Good quality second-hand is almost always what our household buys because you simply get more for your money. Of course, there are risks involved…

It was a sofa clean in Bristol yesterday that prompted this article – the family had bought a sofa (pictured) from Gumtree for £30, despite a fairly heavy level of soiling and a very unsightly egg-based stain on the cushions. After the initial survey, it was clear that the fabric was synthetic and likely to yield up most of the issues.

Let the buyer beware

For the buyer of second-hand furniture (and curtains etc.), a basic rule of thumb ought to be that synthetic materials will wear more quickly, but yield (most) stains up more easily. Organic and cellulosic (wool, cotton, linen etc.) fibres are more durable, but much more likely to be permanently dyed through staining (or bleached by poor care).

Professional furniture cleaning

Because of the heavy soil load and ingrained egg, it was clear that this particular sofa would need the full works. This included:

      1. Vacuuming (using an industrial vacuum with turbo-brush hand tool attached)
      2. Spot/stain treatments
      3. Eco-friendly/ sanitising pre-spray
      4.Rotary agitation (using a motorised brush machine)
      5. Rinse extraction (see video below)

      6. Reset the pile of the fabric.

We are delighted to say that- following a recent trial (see Revolution)- all our upholstery cleans now utilise a brilliant innovation that leaves fabric more resistant to staining.

Sofa after cleaning in Bath

Following the clean, the customer’s sofa looked like new (or it would have, if the previous owner’s cat hadn’t used the side and back as a clawing post). The image below shows the last cushion to be cleaned, with the left hand side about to be rinse extracted.