Scenario – A professional deep-clean of 6 x dining chairs, hallway, stain on top step & lounge-diner.


Timescale – Clean to be conducted as part of a turnaround for a busy apartment letting company in Cheltenham


When professional carpet cleaning as a commercial service, the focus is usually on delivering a clearly outstanding result within a given time-frame whilst ensuring rapid drying time. In this particular apartment, there were a combination of issues that requires the full spectrum of our skill-set & equipment.


Stage One: Professional upholstery cleaning of 6 x dining chairs


Dining chairs in a high spec apartment can often mean fine fabrics such as cotton or linen. While these fabrics are hard-wearing & have the appeal of being natural fibres, the downside is that they tend to absorb stains throughout the fibre & can stubbornly hang on to stains. Thankfully, in this instance, these chairs were constructed of a synthetic fibre and yielded up the combination of greasy & drink-based stains after our treatments…

Stage Two: Professional stain removal


Our client had specified that, as well as the general wear & tear expected in a commercial rental property, there were some particular stains that another company had failed to remove. This type of stains are often not large in size,  but in a conspicuous area or in clear contrast to the colour of the carpet and therefore detract from a good impression of an interior.

In this example, you can see that we managed to entirely remove the stain. The depressions that remain in the carpet are the type of wear that is impossible to improve without replacing a section of carpet.

N.B. Green Man are happy to be able to offer a bespoke carpet repair service to customers in Cheltenham & the Cotswolds area. For more information, click h e r e .

Stage Three: Professional deep-clean of lounge carpet


The particular issues with this carpet were a combination of heavy traffic that had been compounded by a sub-standard carpet clean in which (probably) a detergent solution had been used followed by a insufficient rinse. This had left detergent residue in the carpet which had resulted in rapid re-soiling. This occurs because the residual detergent forms a sticky deposit as it dries to which soils readily adhere.

Green Man will conduct a full deep-clean by default in almost every situation. As in this example, this will involve:


    • Industrial vacuuming
    • Spot/stain treatments
    • Eco-Sanitising pre-spray 
    • Rotary agitation
    • Traditional rinse extraction
As a consequence of our process, all areas are sanitised, deodorised & left more resistant to staining.
All our work is covered by our iron-clad honour guarantee & carried out under full liability insurances.
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