Professional carpet repair in Bristol

Pet damaged carpet in Bristol

A few weeks ago, Green Man were contacted by a tenant of a property in Bristol. She was very concerned that her pet rabbit had damaged the carpets beyond repair. We arranged to conduct a survey and inspected the damage-

A successful repair will depend on a donor piece of carpet. This can be either a section of spare carpet kept back from the original installation, or it can be a small piece removed from a carpeted cupboard or something similar.

In the following images, you see our lead technician cutting donor pieces of carpet & installing them in place of the areas of damage…

In the last of the three photos, it is fair to say that you can not see the carpet insert at all. The carpet in question may need a deep-clean, but can you see the edges of the new piece?

Our carpet repair services include all our branches from Frome to Frampton, Bath to Bampton.

If you have any questions, or would like to send some images to see if we can repair your carpet, please use our contact page.

Thank you for reading.

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