Carpet repair in Cardiff

Cardiff carpet repair service

Last week, I was called out to undertake a repair of 5 steps of a stair carpet at a domestic property in Cardiff. The carpet had been down nearly 20 years and was comprised of a single piece, apart from the bottom step.

The image below shows some of the stairs that were to be replaced marked with a Post-it. The main reason for the repair was the level of wear to these particular treads.

Carpet repair in Cardiff

Stairs are not always comprised of a single continuous piece of carpet. Sometimes each step is a separate fitted rectangle of carpet.

This would have made for an easier repair!

When cutting out a section of carpet from stairs, it can be difficult to cut a straight edge, owing to the tension on the carpet from the stairs that are to remain.

How to repair a worn stair carpet
Domestic carpet repair in Cardiff

In this image, you can see the cut edge is not that straight. This will be addressed later…

Using spare carpet to mend the worn treads on stairs

There are plenty of carpet shops in Cardiff & the wider South Wales area. Even so, it would have been hard for us to find a match for this particular (and now quite old) carpet. Luckily, the home owner had a small roll of spare that I could use.

The only thing was, it only just matched up with the amount of carpet that I would need to carry out the repair!

Professional carpet repair in South Wales

A successful repair will rely on careful measurements & accurate cutting. When you only have sufficient carpet for one attempt, this is even more important! In this case, I used the worn pieces of carpet that I had removed from the stairs as a guide and then inserted the spare material and fixed it onto the gripper bars.

Cardiff carpet repair service

I used the spare material and finished the repair to the entire stair carpet, inserting all 5 steps…

Using spare carpet to repair stair carpet.

If you have any questions about this job, or have an enquiry about carpet repair in the Cardiff/ Newport, South Wales area, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading!

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