Carpet Repair

In a world where it can sometimes feel as though it’s easier to throw away rather than to r e s t o r e, Green Man are proud to be able to deliver a professional carpet repair service.

If your carpet has a burn mark, a tear or hole, moth damage, or a even permanent staining, we can blend either a section from an off-cut or a small excision from inside a cupboard (for example).

Our method is designed to ensure the insert is blended to be as seamless as possible and provides a viable option where the alternative would often be disposal.

To find out if it’s possible to repair your carpet, just send us some images via email (or WhatsApp).

We’ll then be able to provide a realistic appraisal of the likelihood of success.

Usually, this is possible in about 85% of the problems we see. 

Owing to high demand, we have redesigned our repair service to offer this service in your local area on either one or two days each month…

What does a carpet repair look like?

The images below provide a useful example of how our process works. . .

How we repair carpets

In this image, you can see that a small area of carpet with permanent staining has been cut out. Usually this is done as a square or cuboid shape to assist in creating a perfectly matched insert piece.

The scissors you can see are called “Naping shears” and are designed so that we can trim the carpet pile to the correct/matching heights.

Repairing carpet damage

In this image, you can discern where the fresh insert has been placed. This was cut from a spare piece of carpet in the exact shape of the damaged area. The slight colour variation is common and will vary, depending on how the “donor” piece of carpet has been stored and how much traffic/UV light the main body of carpet has experience. Over time, these minor discrepancies tend to level out.

Large carpet repair in Stroud

Further examples of our professional carpet repair work across our service areas…

March, 2022 – Carpet repair in Clifton, Bristol

In this example, it’s clear that a colour match from the spare carpet is not always possible! However, in this instance, the owner preferred to cover up what his dog had done in the hope of preventing further damage.

Professional carpet repair in Bristol
Professional carpet repair in Clifton Bristol
Professional carpet repair in BS1
Sometimes the spare piece doesn’t match, but is an improvement anyway!!

February, 2022 – Carpet repair in Bath

Professional carpet repair in Bath 2
Professional carpet repair in Bath 2
Professional carpet repair in Bath 3
Professional carpet repair in Bath 3
Eco friendly carpet repair in Bath
Eco friendly carpet repair in Bath

In this final image, you can see that it is sometimes possible to get an almost invisible repair.

March, 2022 – Carpet repair in Cirencester

Of course, the classic “iron burn” is one of the most familiar repairs. The only good thing about these (providing you have some spare carpet!) is that they have a very clear, regular outline…

Professional carpet repair in Cirencester
Professional carpet repair in Cirencester 2
Professional iron burn carpet repair
Iron burn repair After

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Carpet repair in Cardiff

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Iron burn carpet repair before

Iron Burn Carpet Repair

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Professional carpet repair in Bath 3
Professional carpet repair in Bath 3

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