Case Studies

Stunning cottage in Winterbourne Monkton

Visit to a beautiful cottage for carpets, rugs and upholstery cleaning.

This week we have had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful cottage in Winterbourne Monkton for a variety of cleaning jobs. This beautiful location and sunny weather not only makes any job a lot more pleasurable but also accelerates drying time. Our technician got to work cleaning the carpets, using our eco-friendly, deep cleaning techniques. […]

Frogditch Farm

Beautiful Cotswold Home – Full deep-clean & seal of Wooden Floors, Limestone & Brick

As professional floor cleaners, the Green Man team are fortunate to be invited into beautiful homes quite often, and this contemporary farmhouse is no exception. Crafted around an English oak timber frame, this property is designed to impress. Our task was to specify a full deep-clean of the wide range of flooring types throughout the […]

Iron burn carpet repair before

Iron Burn Carpet Repair

The image above shows a “classic” iron burn. There’s no disguising what caused this & there’s no way the landlord is going to miss it. If you are a tenant and are concerned about losing a large chunk of your deposit over a moment’s distraction, get in touch. As long as you have a similar […]

Commercial Wood Cleaning

Commercial Wood Cleaning

Green Man provide a range of interim & restorative solutions for all types of wood flooring. Our aim is to deliver a high quality & cost-effective alternative to sanding. An initial (free) survey will determine whether your floor is suitable & provide an opportunity to discuss the type of finish you are looking to achieve.

Victorian tile cleaning in a Tudor Castle

Victorian tile cleaning in a Tudor Castle

The Green Man team were recently invited to be part of a complete refurbishment of Thornbury Castle Hotel. This magnificent structure was begun in 1510 & it felt no small thing that Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn spent 10 days here in 1535. Our role was very modest in the scale of the refurb – the main entrance hallway between the hotel check-in & the restaurant had been uncovered & was in urgent need of protecting…