Carpet repair in Bristol

We were recently contacted by a holiday let company about the possibility of a carpet repair as the lounge carpet in one of the properties had unfortunately been burnt by fire embers. A successful carpet repair relies on you having donor carpet available that is the same as the damaged carpet. This can be either … Read more

Bristol Carpet Repairs

If an area of your carpet has suffered from some sort of damage, whether that be permanent stains, burns or the handy work of a four legged friend, the thought of replacing the whole carpet is never a good thing. Which is why, we are so pleased that we offer a carpet repair service. A … Read more

Restaurant upholstery cleaning in Bristol

We are often contacted by customers who are interested in having their carpets repaired as a cost effective alternative to replacing them when accidents have caused irreversible damage. Irons, hair straighteners & curlers being the main culprit. A successful repair will depend on a donor piece of the same carpet. This can either be an off-cut, or … Read more

Gloucestershire carpet repair

Jon has been busy recently working in Gloucestershire on some carpets in desperate need of some repair. We love repairs here at Green Man as it means it is saving a carpet from landfill and getting people more for their money! Repairs are technically challenging and we need to assess them all on their own … Read more

Cardiff carpet repair service

Last week, I was called out to undertake a repair of 5 steps of a stair carpet at a domestic property in Cardiff. The carpet had been down nearly 20 years and was comprised of a single piece, apart from the bottom step. The image below shows some of the stairs that were to be … Read more

Iron burn carpet repair before

The image above shows a “classic” iron burn. There’s no disguising what caused this & there’s no way the landlord is going to miss it. If you are a tenant and are concerned about losing a large chunk of your deposit over a moment’s distraction, get in touch. As long as you have a similar … Read more

Sisal repair at Kenilworth Castle scaled

A short while ago, English Heritage were in touch with us to ask whether we would be able to carry out repairs to some sisal flooring in Kenilworth Castle. Standard carpet cleaning can be challenging, but sisal is often extremely tricky & is impossible to repair “invisibly”. We were given some images & measurements, so … Read more


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