Portishead Flood restoration & Carpet Repair

A slow escape of water from an adjoining bathroom had caused black mould beneath the bath, as well as brown water damage to the carpet. We were asked to attend this apartment near the waterfront in Portishead last week in order to put things right. Although we wouldn’t classify this as a flood, it serves as another example of how water can cause damage to absorbent materials over time.

Assessing moisture levels

The first step here was to lift the carpet & underlay to determine how wet the sub-floor was. There would be no point fixing the issues with the other elements, but just sweeping under the carpet any underlying damp issues. Our team use a variety of Tramex moisture meters to assess levels of moisture in a variety of surfaces. In this case, we were dealing with a wood composite sub-floor.

Flood restoration in Portishead

In this image, you can see that we’ve stripped out the damaged underlay. Unlike carpet, underlay cannot be decontaminated & fully cleaned.

We then inserted a metal probe into the boards to discover whether they were in danger of secondary damage.

The meter here shows a moisture content of 16%. This is slightly above the norm for this material, but below the threshold for structural damage.

Without moisture measurements, we would look for the physical signs of water damage – browning, a breakdown in structure or mould growth.

Repairing the minor damage

The damp underlay was removed and the rotten gripper rods lifted out. Once this was complete, the subfloor and area beneath the bath (in the adjoining bathroom) were cleaned of mould & an anti-fungal solution applied.

Now we were able to install new gripper rods and underlay into the area.

Professional flood specialists in Portishead
Professional drying service in Portishead

Decontaminating the affected carpet

Now that the sub-floor, underlay and gripper rods were cleaned and replaced, the carpet could be re-fitted and cleaned. The type of water damage evident on the carpet suggested that it might not revert to its former state, but it was worth a try. We set up the rinse extraction machine on the floor below and ran hoses up to the affected room.

After a biocidal detergent had been applied to the carpet, we used a small hand tool to carefully rinsed the reinstalled carpet. The results were not great –

Portishead carpet repair service

The carpet had been permanently damaged by the ongoing leak & was not going to improve further.

At this stage, we discussed the possibility of a carpet repair.

Replacing the damaged carpet

There was plenty of spare carpet available in various cupboards in the home, so we decided to proceed with a repair.

Carpet repairs tend to be small, whereas this one would need to be 110cm long –

Cutting carpet requires a lot of measuring to ensure an accurate and regular hole is available for the insertion of new material.

A sharp blade is also essential. Without this, the edge of the cut is likely to cause the carpet to tear or fray. This will mean that the repair is unlikely to last long.

Once the damaged carpet had been carefully excised, we measured the replacement carpet and cut it as precisely as possible to ensure a close fit.

Heat seaming tape was inserted around the hole and the new carpet carefully lowered in.

We then applied steam through the carpet to bond the existing carpet to the insert.

Damaged carpet repair in Portishead
Carpet damage in Portishead
Carpet repair in Portishead

If you have experienced a flood or escape of water and would like a survey, or are interested in our carpet repair service, please do get in touch, Our friendly, zero-pressure team will be happy to help.

Fabulous carpet repair in Bristol

If an area of your carpet has suffered from some sort of damage, whether that be permanent stains, burns or the handy work of a four legged friend, the thought of replacing the whole carpet is never a good thing. Which is why, we are so pleased that we offer a carpet repair service.

A successful repair will depend on a donor piece of the same carpet. This can either be an off-cut, or taken from a cupboard or out-of-the-way area. Ideally, there should be more donor carpet than the area that needs repairing. 

Our repairs specialist, Jon spent a productive day on Thursday last week carrying out carpet repairs in Bristol.

As you can see in this photo, Jon has already cut the small areas of carpet with the damage out. Usually this is done as a square or cuboid shape to assist in creating a perfectly matched insert piece.

Domestic Carpet Repairs
WhatsApp Image 2023 09 07 at 11.19.40

Once the damaged area has been removed, it is time to insert the donor piece of carpet. In this instance, the homeowner did not have any off cuts but luckily had a carpeted cupboard. Jon removed the donor carpet from the cupboard cutting the exact shape that he needed for the repair.

A slight variation is often common when inserting the donor carpet as depending on where is has come from, there is often a colour difference as well as a contrast to how the pile appears. Jon will always do his best to make the repair as seamless as possible but sometimes any discrepancies will need some time to settle & blend in with their surroundings a little more.

However, I think we can agree that a great job has been done here & the customer was really pleased that repair rather than replace was achievable.

WhatsApp Image 2023 09 07 at 11.19.41

If you would like to see further examples of the carpet repairs we have carried out for both domestic & commercial customers, please visit our carpet repair section of the website which can be found here – Carpet Repair | Green Man Cleaning

If you have an area of the carpet that would benefit from a repair & you have donor carpet available, please feel free to email us a photo of the damage & let us know whereabouts you are located & we can then provide you with a quotation. All of our contact details can be found here.

Successful Carpet Repair in Bristol Apartment Block

We are often contacted by customers who are interested in having their carpets repaired as a cost effective alternative to replacing them when accidents have caused irreversible damage. Irons, hair straighteners & curlers being the main culprit.

A successful repair will depend on a donor piece of the same carpet. This can either be an off-cut, or taken from a cupboard or out-of-the-way area. Ideally, there should be more donor carpet than the area that needs repairing. 

One of last week’s carpet repairs was at a Bristol apartment block where an electric scooter had been doing wheel spins in the communal hallway causing tears to the carpet.

Carpet repairs in Bristol
Carpet repairs in Bristol
Carpet repairs
Carpet repairs

You can see that a small area of carpet with the damage has been cut out. Usually this is done as a square or cuboid shape to assist in creating a perfectly matched insert piece.

Scissors called “Naping shears” are used so that we can trim the carpet pile to the correct/matching heights

Once the damage has been cut out, it is time to insert the donor carpet. This is cut from a spare piece of carpet in the exact shape of the damaged area. A slight colour variation is common and will vary, depending on how the “donor” piece of carpet has been stored and how much traffic/UV light the main body of carpet has experience. Over time, these minor discrepancies tend to level out.

Bristol carpet repairs
Bristol carpet repairs
Successful carpet repairs
Successful carpet repairs

The completed repair as shown above looks much better & gives a positive first impression when entering the building as well as removing the possibility of the damaged areas becoming more worn and therefore increasing over time.

If you are interested in a quote for carpet repairs & you do have donor carpet available, please email some photos of the damage & let us know whereabouts you are.

We can then advise on the likelihood of a successful repair & an estimate on cost.

All of our contact details can be found here – Contact Green Man For Professional Cleaning In Bath, Bristol & Frome (greenmancleaning.co.uk)

You can see further examples of the various carpet repairs we have carried out in the past here – Carpet Repairs

2 outstanding carpet repairs in Gloucestershire.

Jon has been busy recently working in Gloucestershire on some carpets in desperate need of some repair. We love repairs here at Green Man as it means it is saving a carpet from landfill and getting people more for their money!

Repairs are technically challenging and we need to assess them all on their own merit. We will always ask you to send us images of the damage so we can assess the likelihood of a successful repair and offer you a quote.

Carpet repair in Gloucester

This repair in Longford, Gloucester was an unusual one, a hairdryer had been used to dry some trainers and then the trainers were placed onto the floor.

As you can see they left a rather prominent burn mark, there was no option for this other than a repair.

Jon got to work removing the old section of burnt carpet and preparing the donor carpet. The donor carpet is what is used to replace the damaged area, it can be an offcut or we can take carpet from an out of the way area such as a cupboard.

Gloucester carpet repair in progress
Carpet repair completed in Gloucester

Here you can see the completed repair next to the old damaged trainer burnt section. This customer preferred to vacuum themselves, usually this is something we will do for you as part of the repair.

Donor carpet can often vary slightly in colour when first placed down, this is due to the UV light changing the colour of the original carpet and wear and tear. Over time, the repair will become even less visible and will blend in.

For more on the process of carpet repairs click here.

The next repair was in Cirencester and Jon had this beautiful boy keeping him company!

Cirencester carpet repair
Carpet repair in Cirencester

The repair this time was needed to a damaged stair. The image on the right shows that Jon took the donor carpet from inside a cupboard to fix this damage.

Gloucestershire carpet repairs

The repair has been completed and is looking wonderful. It has saved the customer having to replace the whole stairs carpet, saving them money and preventing a decent carpet ending up in landfill well before it is ready to.

Stair carpet repair in Cirencester

We offer repairs in all of the areas we cover. These two were Gloucestershire but if you are in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Cardiff or any of the surrounding areas we would be happy to assist you with a repair.

If you have some damage, no matter how big or small, please feel free to reach out to us using the contact us button to discuss a repair.
We will always ask for images so we can offer a quotation specific to the work you require.

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Outstanding carpet repair results in Bristol

There are times when carpets are in need of repair, instead of a deep clean.

Damage, staining, and general wear and tear can all be factors that lead to a repair being the best course of action.

Jon was called to a property in Bristol this week to repair this patch of carpet that had been damaged by a water stain from a large pot.

Repairs are a very specialist area of our work and each repair needs to be examined on its own merit, as there are many different factors that can impact the success of a repair.

We will always ask you to send across some images of the area to be repaired. This allows various factors to be assessed, such as the carpet type, pile, size and location which can all impact the price of the repair, as well as how successful it will be.

Carpet repair in Bristol
Bristol carpet repair in progress

For a repair to be successful, we require what is known as donor carpet. This can either be an offcut of the same carpet, or it can be taken from an out of the way area such as a cupboard. The donor carpet needs to be slightly larger than the area that needs to be repaired.

This donor piece is then used to replace the area of damage that needs to be removed.

As you can see in the image on the left, the damaged area has been cut out, ready for the new donor piece to take its place.

This image shows the completed, successful repair and it is looking fantastic!

Depending on where the donor carpet has come from, there can initially be a discrepancy in colour, even in the same carpet. This is due to UV light exposure as well as wear and tear. Over time this will even out and the repaired patch will blend in more evenly.

Completed carpet repair in Bristol

For more information on our repairs and to see more examples of results our repairs technicians have achieved, click here.

Bristol carpet repair

Jon has achieved a great repair here and has saved this customer having to replace their whole carpet to get rid of the unsightly stain.

Not only is this significantly cheaper than a replacement carpet, it has saved a decent carpet ending up in landfill.

If you have a carpet in need of a repair, please use the contact us button below, we can then discuss your needs and you can send us some images for our specialist technician to assess. Following this, we can then provide you with a quotation and advise when the technician is next in your area.

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Carpet repair in Cardiff

Last week, I was called out to undertake a repair of 5 steps of a stair carpet at a domestic property in Cardiff. The carpet had been down nearly 20 years and was comprised of a single piece, apart from the bottom step.

The image below shows some of the stairs that were to be replaced marked with a Post-it. The main reason for the repair was the level of wear to these particular treads.

Carpet repair in Cardiff

Stairs are not always comprised of a single continuous piece of carpet. Sometimes each step is a separate fitted rectangle of carpet.

This would have made for an easier repair!

When cutting out a section of carpet from stairs, it can be difficult to cut a straight edge, owing to the tension on the carpet from the stairs that are to remain.

How to repair a worn stair carpet
Domestic carpet repair in Cardiff

In this image, you can see the cut edge is not that straight. This will be addressed later…

Using spare carpet to mend the worn treads on stairs

There are plenty of carpet shops in Cardiff & the wider South Wales area. Even so, it would have been hard for us to find a match for this particular (and now quite old) carpet. Luckily, the home owner had a small roll of spare that I could use.

The only thing was, it only just matched up with the amount of carpet that I would need to carry out the repair!

Professional carpet repair in South Wales

A successful repair will rely on careful measurements & accurate cutting. When you only have sufficient carpet for one attempt, this is even more important! In this case, I used the worn pieces of carpet that I had removed from the stairs as a guide and then inserted the spare material and fixed it onto the gripper bars.

Cardiff carpet repair service

I used the spare material and finished the repair to the entire stair carpet, inserting all 5 steps…

Using spare carpet to repair stair carpet.

If you have any questions about this job, or have an enquiry about carpet repair in the Cardiff/ Newport, South Wales area, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading!

Communal hallway clean and an impressive carpet repair in Bristol.

Our Green Man team were called to a communal hallway and staircase in flats in Bristol last week that were in need of a deep, green clean. There was also significant damage to one of the stairs that needed a repair. Two of our technicians, Jon and Ollie, went along to these private flats and got to work for the morning to bring this communal area back to its best again making a much nicer welcome home for the residents.

Hallway and stairs cleaning and repair for a communal area of flats in Bristol.
Before picture of a carpet repair in Bristol.
Before picture of a carpet repair in Bristol.
During a carpet repair in Bristol
During a carpet repair in Bristol
After picture of a successful carpet repair in Bristol.
After picture of a successful carpet repair in Bristol.

The stair above was in need of repair after some furniture being moved in had caused some fraying and rips. You can see the process above where all the damaged material is stripped back and then a donor piece is fitted in its place. A donor piece can be an off-cut from when the original carpet was fitted, or a piece can be taken from inside a cupboard or an out of the way area to allow a more noticeable area to be repaired. The donor carpet here was an off cut from fitting so was in brand new condition and able to be used for the repair to make the stair look as good as new again.

After the repair, the carpets were given our deep, eco-friendly clean. Stairs can be tricky to clean due to small, cramped spaces with limited room for machinery. We use our water claw to ensure all the small areas are worked into and brought back to their best. Communal stairways and hallways often have a lot of heavy footfall from tenants and visitors so it was vital to get up all of the embedded dirt. You can even see the progress in the videos with the colour change in the carpet.

Communal staircase and hallway deep clean.
Communal staircase and hallway deep clean.

Our technicians worked hard to remove the marks from the carpets that have been caused by repeated footfall in the same areas. Our process of stain removal, rotary agitation and rinse extraction brought these carpets back to life and more resistant to future staining.

Hand cleaning communal staircase in Bristol.
Hand cleaning communal staircase in Bristol.

This hallway and staircase area has received the thorough Green Man treatment and is now a much more hygienic, welcoming environment. If you have carpets in need of an environmentally friendly yet powerful deep clean, or a carpet with some damage in need of a repair don’t hesitate to get in touch. All our work is covered by our iron-clad guarantee and all of our technicians are fully trained, professional and polite. We pride ourselves on the great service we provide and the outstanding results we achieve.

Please use the contact us button below to get in touch to book your own clean.

Iron Burn Carpet Repair

The image above shows a “classic” iron burn. There’s no disguising what caused this & there’s no way the landlord is going to miss it. If you are a tenant and are concerned about losing a large chunk of your deposit over a moment’s distraction, get in touch.

As long as you have a similar (or preferably larger) size of spare carpet somewhere, we can help. This donor piece can also be cut from a cupboard or from under the stairs, if this is all there is.

While we cannot promise that the repair will be i n v i s i b l e, we will do our utmost to carry out a professional carpet repair so that it is as seamless as possible.

Iron burn carpet repair after
Iron burn carpet repair after

Once the work is complete, the insert is bonded to the carpet around it, not simply glued to the floor! This ensures a durable & secure repair that should last as long as the carpet surrounding it.

Iron burn carpet repair after close up
Iron burn carpet repair after close up

If you have any questions regarding a carpet repair, please get in touch.

Thank you for reading.

Sisal repair at Kenilworth Castle

A short while ago, English Heritage were in touch with us to ask whether we would be able to carry out repairs to some sisal flooring in Kenilworth Castle. Standard carpet cleaning can be challenging, but sisal is often extremely tricky & is impossible to repair “invisibly”.

We were given some images & measurements, so set about sourcing some replacement carpet & arranged a date to carry out the work.

Sisal carpet professional repair

The work was in the Keep of the castle, and involved patching up a few areas where display units had previously stood. The whole while we were there, fully conscious that we were within a building that had stood for over 700 years!

Professional sisal repair

The brief was to create an insert of sisal with a flap to allow access to electrical sockets beneath.

Repairs of sisal carpet

After the work had been completed to a satisfactory standard, we were really delighted to be given a socially-distanced tour of the grounds, as part of our chaperone’s daily checks…

One of the great aspects of our work is the people we meet & the places it takes us to. It was a genuine pleasure to work alongside the conservators for English Heritage.

Days like this don’t come along too often, but it’s a memory we will cherish.