Beautiful Cotswold Home – Full deep-clean & seal of Wooden Floors, Limestone & Brick

As professional floor cleaners, the Green Man team are fortunate to be invited into beautiful homes quite often, and this contemporary farmhouse is no exception. Crafted around an English oak timber frame, this property is designed to impress.

Our task was to specify a full deep-clean of the wide range of flooring types throughout the home, then seal them to improve their visual impact and durability.

Professional wood floor cleaning near Melksham
Professional wood floor cleaning near Melksham

Professional Wood Cleaning & Polishing

Wood should generally not be wet-cleaned at all. Water will gradually wear down varnishes & other finishes, and then open the grain of most types of woods. However, from time to time (or after building work), sweeping will not be enough.

When wood requires a deep-clean, we have created a way of delivering a very good level of cleanliness without over-wetting a wooden floor. This involves:

  • Gentle, but effective mechanical agitation using a rotary machine
  • Minimal application of a wood-specific cleaning solution
  • Immediate vacuum extraction of the slurry
  • Forced drying

Once the floor is dry, we can then apply a suitable polish to protect the wood and improve its appearance.

Limestone tile cleaning
Limestone tile cleaning

Professional Limestone Cleaning & Sealing

The limestone floors in this property consisted of black limestone installed in the large downstairs area & a lighter, more traditional limestone floor in the master en-suite bathroom. Both areas required a full deep-clean and manual scrubbing of the grout lines…

Professional limestone bathroom floor cleaning
Professional limestone bathroom floor cleaning
Professional tile grout cleaning in Wiltshire
Professional tile grout cleaning in Wiltshire

Professional Limestone Floor Sealing

The following day – once the stone & grout has completely dried – we returned to apply seals to the floor. The floor was sealed when it was installed (not that long ago), so our aim was to “top up” the pre-existing seal & add a topical seal to increase the reflectivity & surface protection of the tiles. Stone tiles should always be sealed with an impregnating seal, which is the first point of defence against spillages. After this has been carried out, it is then the aesthetic choice of the owner whether a higher gloss finish is desired.

In this case, a luxurious look was paramount, so our team applied two coats of a limestone floor gloss seal. We didn’t take many photos, but the one below gives an impression of the overall finish…

Professional Limestone Floor Sealing
Professional Limestone Floor Sealing

In total, we cleaned & sealed:

  • 3 x wooden floor bedrooms, 1 x wooden floor drawing room
  • 1 x marble bathroom floor
  • 1 x limestone bathroom, 1 x limestone exercise room, 1 x limestone kitchen/dining/ living area
  • 1 x herringbone brick corridor & bathroom

Here are some additional images of the job:

Domestic wood staircase cleaning
Domestic wood staircase cleaning
Professional stone bathroom floor cleaning
Professional stone bathroom floor cleaning
Professional limestone tile cleaning in Wiltshire
Professional limestone tile cleaning in Wiltshire

If you have an enquiry regarding either wood or tile cleaning & sealing, please get in touch. We offer a free survey on all this type of work & would be happy to help.

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Parquet floor cleaning & polishing in Calne

Here you can see how a very dry, unprotected parquet hallway has been transformed by our team. Our process is eco-friendly, pet-safe & suitable for all types of wood that have been originally varnished, oiled or waxed.

Our initial deep-clean will remove years of built-up soil from the dirtiest of floors – 

When we carry out an initial survey for wood cleaning, our technicians will offer honest advice regarding whether our process will deliver the required finish, or whether it is time to get your wooden flooring re-sanded. Many home owners are surprised to discover that sanding is not the only way to give wood floors a new lease of life.

Before and After

Sometimes, images deliver the message in the clearest terms, so here is a “before & after” of an area of our work on this project:

Professional wood cleaning in Chippenham

Once clean, we then dry the wood so that it is ready to accept the new layers of polish. you can opt for a matt, satin or gloss finish to suit your taste.

If you have any questions regarding our wood cleaning & polishing service, please feel free to get in touch.

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Commercial Wood Cleaning

Green Man provide a range of interim & restorative solutions for all types of wood flooring. Our aim is to deliver a high quality & cost-effective alternative to sanding. An initial (free) survey will determine whether your floor is suitable & provide an opportunity to discuss the type of finish you are looking to achieve.

This project was for a high spec commercial premises in Bath. Highly unusually, this was a large area of parquet flooring laid over a year ago that was completely unsealed. Since it has been laid. high foot traffic has already lead to significant deterioration of the downstairs showroom. The manager was- unsurprisingly- keen that the upstairs areas did not suffer the same fate. The image above also shows a notable paint spillage (which later images show that we manage to remove).

Wood floor cleaning

Wood does not like to be over-wet, particular bare wood boards such as these. Our team specified a cleaning process where we would apply a wood cleaning solution, agitate using a rotary floor machine, extract the slurry with an extraction machine, then force dry with air movers.

The image below illustrates the process-

By accelerating the drying process, we are able to both protect the wood from damage & ensure that the protective polish can be applied during the same visit. This helps to keep costs down.

Once the floor is completely dry, the multiple layers of polish were applied. In this case, a matt finish was required.

Commercial wood company

Wood polish is carefully applied to deliver an even finish that enhances both the appearance & durability of the wood flooring.

We will usually apply up to 3 coats, allowing the necessary drying time between each application.

In the both images here, you can see the area where the large paint spillage had been. We managed to almost entirely remove all traces of this accident.

If you have any questions or would like to request a survey for our wood floor cleaning & polishing survey, please feel free to get in touch.

Professional commercial wood polishing

Village hall wood floor restoration

Last week, our team carried out a deep-clean & re-polish of a large wooden floor at Ston Easton village hall. 

The following images & text give an overview of our work

1. The first job involved the clearing of the hall & the removal of dirt & the old finish from the wood floor. We swept the floor to begin with, then used an eco-friendly solution & abrasive pads on a rotary machine to strip the flooring back.

This type of process is generally viewed as an middle ground between cleaning & wood floor sanding. Sanding is generally much more expensive than this type of work. Judge for yourselves how the finished product looks…

Eco friendly cleaning in Ston Easton
Skittle alley clean scaled 1


The work included the lovely skittle alley.

We prepared this area with less agitation than the rest of the hall, because of its cambered & more highly polished surface….

3. Once the entire wood floor had been prepared, we used air-movers to accelerate the drying of the area. On the following day, we applied the two new coats of polish…

If you are looking to renew a wooden floor without the expense of sanding, it might be worth contacting us & asking for a free survey. One of our team will offer honest advice as to whether or not we can help. After the work was done, it felt fitting to try out the acoustics in the hall with my new hobby – thank you for reading!

Eco-friendly whole house clean in a Cotswold country home

Professional wood floor refinishing

Green Man provide a mid-point between maintenance & sanding for home owners with wooden flooring. This property had a large amount of wood flooring with a heavy varnish & significant marking throughout.  

We discussed with the client the pros & cons of refinishing compared to sanding in this instance. As the floors needed to be ready in a short amount of time within a pre-determined budget, refinishing was chosen.

The process involves:

  • Dry extraction/vacuuming
  • Application of linseed oil based bio-cleaning solution
  • Agitation using oscillating pad machine
  • Rinse extraction
  • Accelerated drying using air-movers
  • Application of two coats of industry standard wood refinisher (which refreshes the varnish, as well as in-filling micro-abrasions on the varnish)

Professional sisal carpet cleaning

Sisal flooring is beautiful & resilient to heavy use, but very difficult to clean once dirty or stained. Because it is a dry, cellulosic fibre any excess of water will cause it to deteriorate. For this reason, we use a dry compound to clean sisal. It’s a fairly laborious, time-consuming process but, as you can see, these carpets responded very well-

Last month, the whole Green Man team worked together to deep-clean & decontaminate a large country home in the Cotswolds within just three days. This brought together our teams from Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham, Frome & Gloucester in close co-ordination amidst strict social distancing and involved the following professional cleaning services:

  • Wool carpet cleaning
  • Sisal carpet cleaning
  • Wood flooring cleaning & refinishing
  • Limestone floor cleaning
  • Linen upholstery cleaning
  • Full decontamination of the large 6 bedroom property

We were delighted to also be contracting with local providers Clean as a Jem for:

  • Start of tenancy deep-cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

The Brief

Our client contacted us on behalf of the buyer to initially conduct a full survey of the property. The brief was demanding, but simple,

“Deep-clean, restore & decontaminate every aspect of the property in order to bring it as close to ‘as new’ as possible.” 

The work was also specified to be carried out within three days, alongside multiple other contractors engaged in decorating, installing electrical systems & landscaping.

Eco friendly hard floor cleaning in the Cotswolds 1

Professional wool carpet cleaning

The property had been purchased part-furnished and was fitted with a large amount of white, pure wool carpeting. In order to bring the carpets to their best potential condition, we specified a deep-clean with our most powerful, eco-solution that not only sanitises the wool, but conditions it. 

Our process for cleaning carpets includes:

  • Pre-testing
  • Industrial vacuuming with Sebo BS36/46
  • Spot/stain treatments
  • Application of eco-sanitising solution
  • Agitation (mechanical or manual with a pile brush)
  • Traditional rinse extraction
  • Pile grooming
  • Accelerated drying using air-movers

Professional limestone floor cleaning

The entrance hall, downstairs corridors, kitchen & multiple en suite bathrooms had limestone flooring. The flooring was quite heavily soiled and would need a full deep-clean using our hard-floor cleaning machinery & solutions. The survey indicated that although the limestone would benefit from a top-up coat of impregnating seal, the logistics of multiple trades moving throughout the property meant that there would not be any opportunity to do this.

Limestone flooring is porous & textured, meaning plenty of imperfections in which soil can accumulate. Our method is to use a combination of rotary brush & oscillating pad, followed by rinse extraction to remove the soil and bring the limestone back to its original brightness.

Professional linen upholstery cleaning

One of the first things noted in the initial survey was a huge amount of linen furniture. As well as the largest corner sofa I’d ever seen (in the cinema room), there were also 2x three piece suites, an array of dining chairs & multiple chaise longues in the bedrooms & bathrooms.

Linen is a natural fibre from the flax plant. For this reason, it needs to be treated with care as it can suffer cellulosic browning if overwet, or rinsed with a solution at the incorrect ph. Obviously, when faced with such a large quantity of fabric, it is critical to maintain attention to detail…

The Verdict

The team knew from the outset that our client had specified the work to be of the highest standard. At the end of Day 3, I conducted a full walk-through with our client & housekeeping. It was with a real sense of satisfaction & relief that we were told that our work had fulfilled the new owner’s specifications.

If you have an enquiry regarding deep-cleaning, start of tenancy, end of tenancy or decontamination services in the Cotswolds area, feel free to get in touch to arrange a no obligation survey.

Thank you for reading.