Satisfying commercial hard floor cleaning in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire

Commercial cleaning at a visitor attraction

Pete and Mike were working together on some commercial hard floor cleaning in beautiful surroundings at a popular visitor attraction in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire this week.

Commercial cleaning with a view

This is a busy tourist attraction where there are hundreds of pairs of feet travelling over the hard floors, often with muddy boots and shoes.

Due to the high level of footfall and soiling these hard floors were in need of a thorough deep clean. There were numerous toilet blocks, and inside visitor areas that were treated to the Green Man deep cleaning process.

Odour neutralisation works were also implemented here after the cleaning, to ensure all the visitor areas were fresh and sanitised and generally a pleasant place to be!

Commercial hard floor cleaning in Slimbridge
Hard floor cleaning in commercial premises
Commercial tile cleaning in Slimbridge
Commercial hard floor cleaning of toilet block

The process for cleaning hard wearing, high traffic areas like these involves a few different elements to achieve the best resullts.

The first step is to remove any loose debris and soil from the surface, this is done by using powerful vacuum cleaners. Next is the application and agitation of an environmentally friendly solution to break down and remove any trodden in dirt. As you can see from the images above, this is done using a rotary agitator to really work the solution into the floor and release any trapped dirt.

Commercial toilet hard floor cleaning in Slimbridge
Commercial tile cleaning in Gloucestershire
Commercial work in Slimbridge

The slurry created by the cleaning solutions, water and the lifted dirt is then removed by using a wet vac. As you can see above, this effectively removes all the dirty water from the floor, taking all the loosened grime and dirt with it. The floors are then rinsed again and the water removed once again. Where necessary, if the level of soiling is high and the floors require it, the whole process can be repeated again.

Commercial team clean in Slimbridge

Thanks to Pete and Mike’s hard work, these commercial hard floors are cleaned, sanitised and fresh ready for another season of visitors passing through.

Green Man commercial hard floor cleaning

If you have a commercial, or domestic, premises in need of some hard floor cleaning we would be happy to help bring them back to their best.

Don’t forget, we also offer carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning, wood floor sanding and flood services. You can read more about our other services here.

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Magnificent rug deep cleaning in Gloucester

Rug deep cleaning was the main task of the day for Pete on this recent visit to Tayton, Gloucester. There had been some fire damage that had created a lot of soil deposits in numerous rugs and items of upholstery that needed the Green Man deep cleaning process. There had also been some damage caused by the water used by the fire brigade to extinguish the fire.

Deep rug cleaning in Gloucester

Rug cleaning can be a very tricky process and often the technicians have to tread very carefully. Dye can easily migrate during the cleaning process which the technicians have to address and avoid impacting on other areas. Delicate fringing needs a lot of care and attention to avoid creating damage to the fibres too.

The dye migration pre test is the first step in the process for our technicians when cleaning rugs, it also indicates how the rug is likely to react to the cleaning process.

After the pre test has been done the technician moves on to a thorough vacuum of the front and back of the rug. Heavy soiling can be trapped in both these areas and this helps to remove as much as possible before getting deeper into the cleaning.

Any spots and stains are then treated before a wool safe eco sanitising pre spray is applied.

Agitation is the next step to disturb any stubborn soiling trapped down within the pile. This can be done by hand with a brush or by machine, depending on the need and the material.

Rug Cleaning in Gloucester

Traditional rinse extraction, otherwise known as steam cleaning is the final step in the process which also offers the deepest level of clean and sanitisation. As you can see from the image above where the rug is halfway through the rinse extraction process, the dirt is efficiently and effectively lifted from the pile, leaving the rug not only visibly cleaner but sanitised throughout.

Gloucestershire eco friendly rug cleaning
Rug and sofa cleaning in Gloucester
Large rug cleaning in Gloucester

Once cleaned, the rugs are then left to dry. Where possible, we try to leave these in locations such as over chairs or bannisters to increase the air flow to the surface area to aid in thorough and quick drying. With larger rugs we advise on hiring an air mover to assist in drying the rug as efficiently as possible.

Upholstery and rug cleaning in Gloucestershire

The sofas in this property were also given the Green Man deep cleaning process to remove soiling, odour and staining caused by the fire and the extinguishing process.

As you can see the cushions here have also been left propped to encourage air flow around for an even and speedy dry.

Gloucestershire rug cleaning
Upholstery and rug cleaning in Gloucester

As you can see from the images, the rugs and sofas are looking fresh and rejuvenated. You can see from the waste water image the amount of soiling that was being held in these items. The owners can now rest assured their furniture and rugs are clean and sanitised and are left more resistant to future staining as part of the process.

If you have any upholstery, rugs or carpets that are in need of the Green Man deep cleaning process please feel free to use the contact us button below. We also offer other services such as wood floor sanding, hard floor cleaning and carpet repairs, you can find out more about our service here

Stunning carpet cleaning results in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.

Earlier this month, Pete was back in Slimbridge to carry out another domestic clean. This time there were some carpets and runners in need of the Green Man cleaning process.

Professional rug cleaning in Slimbridge

Pete had already been to this property to conduct an in depth survey, so we knew exactly what was required and could get straight to work. The first stage of the Green Man cleaning process is to thoroughly vacuum using a professional vacuum cleaner to remove all the loose dirt and soil from the carpets and runners.

Green Man carpet cleaning in Slimbridge
Rug cleaning in Gloucestershire

After the vacuuming, Pete could move on to treating any spots and stains and applying an eco sanitising pre-spray.

Staining can be a huge problem in domestic properties, from pets, children and spillages there can be lots to tackle.

It is always helpful for us to know what has caused a stain so we can try to use the most appropriate solutions to remove it.

You can read more about stain removal, as well as how you can try to rescue your own carpets here.

Deep, eco friendly carpet cleaning in Slimbridge
Carpet cleaning in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire
Environmentally friendy carpet cleaning in Gloucestershire

Once the stains have been addressed, Pete could move on to using the rotary agitator to work an environmentally friendly cleaning solution into the fibres to ensure a deep down clean and to remove any embedded dirt. The last step in the process is traditional rinse extraction, also known as steam cleaning. Rinse extraction ensures that the carpets are hygienic and bacteria is addressed. Bacteria can cause odours so removing this is not only crucial ensuring carpets are clean but are odour free and fresh.

Carpet cleaning in Slimbridge

Pete has achieved some fantastic results here on these domestic carpets and runners. They are clean, fresh, more resistant to staining and ready for more family life.

If you have any carpet cleaning requirements you would like the Green Man team to assist you with, please do use the contact us button below and our admin team will be happy to help you. Don’t forget we also offer upholstery cleaning, hard floor cleaning as well as odour neutralisation treatments.

Domestic carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning in Slimbridge with outstanding results.

Slimbridge, Gloucestershire was the location for a mixture of work for Pete this week. This customer had some carpets and rugs, as well as some upholstery that they wanted to have professionally deep cleaned.

Carpet cleaning in Gloucestershire

Pete had already visited this property to survey the items and discuss the customers requirements so after an initial walk around to check everything over it was time to get set up and get to work.

This customer had two rugs that needed the Green Man treatment.

Pete started by pretesting the rugs. Dye migration can be a particular issue with rugs so our trained technicians always pretest to ensure the rugs are able to be cleaned safely.

Once it has been established that the rug is suitable for cleaning Pete thoroughly vacuumed the rugs.

After treating any spots and stains and applying an eco sanitising pre-spray, the agitator is then used to ensure any debris trapped down in the fibres is removed.

A full rinse extraction is then performed to complete the process.

Rug cleaning in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire
Domestic rug cleaning in Gloucestershire
Upholstery cleaning in Gloucestershire

Once the rugs were left to dry it was time to tackle the upholstery. There were two upholstery items to be cleaned initially, however after the initial pretest Pete discovered that one of them did not respond well. This meant that had Pete proceeded with the clean, or not done the pretest, the fabric could have been damaged in the process.

At Green Man we care about your property, we always pretest items and we will not proceed if we feel there is a risk of damage to any of your items. We will always take our time to make sure we are thorough and make sure our technicians knowledge and skills are top notch.

Domestic carpet cleaning in Gloucestershire

Pete then gave the carpeted areas the full Green Man treatment, whilst enjoying this stunning view!

This customer can now be confident that their carpets, upholstery and rugs have been deep cleaned and sanitised. They are now more hygienic and more resistant to staining as part of the process.

If you have any items that you would like the Green Man professional treatment on please contact us using the button below. We would be happy to assist you with any enquiries.

2 outstanding carpet repairs in Gloucestershire.

Jon has been busy recently working in Gloucestershire on some carpets in desperate need of some repair. We love repairs here at Green Man as it means it is saving a carpet from landfill and getting people more for their money!

Repairs are technically challenging and we need to assess them all on their own merit. We will always ask you to send us images of the damage so we can assess the likelihood of a successful repair and offer you a quote.

Carpet repair in Gloucester

This repair in Longford, Gloucester was an unusual one, a hairdryer had been used to dry some trainers and then the trainers were placed onto the floor.

As you can see they left a rather prominent burn mark, there was no option for this other than a repair.

Jon got to work removing the old section of burnt carpet and preparing the donor carpet. The donor carpet is what is used to replace the damaged area, it can be an offcut or we can take carpet from an out of the way area such as a cupboard.

Gloucester carpet repair in progress
Carpet repair completed in Gloucester

Here you can see the completed repair next to the old damaged trainer burnt section. This customer preferred to vacuum themselves, usually this is something we will do for you as part of the repair.

Donor carpet can often vary slightly in colour when first placed down, this is due to the UV light changing the colour of the original carpet and wear and tear. Over time, the repair will become even less visible and will blend in.

For more on the process of carpet repairs click here.

The next repair was in Cirencester and Jon had this beautiful boy keeping him company!

Cirencester carpet repair
Carpet repair in Cirencester

The repair this time was needed to a damaged stair. The image on the right shows that Jon took the donor carpet from inside a cupboard to fix this damage.

Gloucestershire carpet repairs

The repair has been completed and is looking wonderful. It has saved the customer having to replace the whole stairs carpet, saving them money and preventing a decent carpet ending up in landfill well before it is ready to.

Stair carpet repair in Cirencester

We offer repairs in all of the areas we cover. These two were Gloucestershire but if you are in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Cardiff or any of the surrounding areas we would be happy to assist you with a repair.

If you have some damage, no matter how big or small, please feel free to reach out to us using the contact us button to discuss a repair.
We will always ask for images so we can offer a quotation specific to the work you require.

Gorgeous porcelain tiles receiving a deep clean in Cheltenham.

This week Pete and Joanne were working together to bring these porcelain tiles in Cheltenham back to their beautiful best.

Pete had initially attended in January to assess the tiles and discuss the clean with the customer. It was clear from the survey that this would require two technicians to achieve the best results.

Setting up for hard floor tile cleaning in Cheltenham
Setting up for hard floor tile cleaning in Cheltenham

After the flooring has been cleared as much as possible, it was time to start a thorough vacuuming and sweeping to remove any loose debris. The rotary agitator is then used, combined with some environmentally friendly solutions, to break down embedded soil and dirt to be lifted away and removed. With these tiles, the grout can often be an area in which dirt gathers and embeds. To address this, Pete and Joanne worked on the grout by hand to ensure dirt is lifted and can be removed.

Pete hard at work with the rotary to loosen the embedded dirt in these porcelain tiles
Pete hard at work with the rotary to loosen the embedded dirt in these porcelain tiles
Progress picture during this porcelain tile cleaning in Cheltenham
Progress picture during this porcelain tile cleaning in Cheltenham

The image above is a great example of how much soil can be embedded into tiles. Here you can see the right hand side has been cleaned and the left has not. Prior to the cleaning you would not have looked at the tiles and thought they were particularly soiled, the right hand side shows there was a significant amount of impacted dirt that was dulling the colour and shine of the tiles.

After all the soil has been lifted, a wet vacuum is used to extract all the dirt and water, and the flooring is then rinsed. Depending on the level of soiling sometimes this may need repeating.

Bathroom tiles looking beautiful after a deep clean in Cheltenham
Bathroom tiles looking beautiful after a deep clean in Cheltenham
Deep cleaning of beautiful tiles in Cheltenham
Deep cleaning of beautiful tiles in Cheltenham
Stunning porcelain tile deep clean in Cheltenham
Stunning porcelain tile deep clean in Cheltenham

After this process has been repeated as many times as is necessary to get them nice and clean they are left to dry, they can be forced dry using an air mover if necessary.

These tiles do not require sealing.

Tiles like these are a beautiful choice for any home, it is important to get them professionally deep cleaned in order to stop the accumulation of dirt that domestic home cleaning is not strong enough to prevent. Regular deep cleaning and resealing where needed can increase the lifespan of your tiles, meaning you get your tiles lasting longer and therefore get more for your money, as well as being more friendly to the environment.

If you have some hard flooring in need of some TLC, please use the contact us button below and we can arrange a free, no obligation survey to assess your flooring and discuss your needs. If you want to read more about the variety of services we offer you can read more on our website here.

Excellent domestic flood restoration in Cinderford, Gloucestershire.

A flood in your home can be devastating, and is certainly something you want to get addressed as soon as possible. Prior to Christmas, Pete was called to this domestic property in Cinderford to address an escape of clean water in a living room that had soaked the carpets.

After an initial survey to assess the extent of the flooding and damage, a quotation and drying plan was agreed to restore this lounge to its best.

Carpet inspection and flood restoration in Gloucestershire
Carpet inspection and flood restoration in Gloucestershire
Checking out the damage
Checking out the damage

In this instance, the carpet and the underlay both needed to be lifted to ensure the flooring could dry out fully. Both an industrial air mover and dehumidifier were installed to ensure the property dries out thoroughly before everything can be reinstated. Once as much water had been removed as possible from the carpets and flooring, the carpets were ready to be thoroughly cleaned and replaced. An anti-microbial is also applied to address any bacteria that may be present due to the increased humidity in the environment.

Assessing underlay after a flood
Assessing underlay after a flood
Carpet inspection and flood restoration in Gloucestershire
Carpet inspection and flood restoration in Gloucestershire
Domestic flood in Cinderford Gloucestershire.
Domestic flood in Cinderford Gloucestershire.

Fortunately, in this instance, the water that had caused the flood was clean water. In the unfortunate circumstance that the water is contaminated this can require evacuation of the property followed by appropriate decontamination services.

Each flood requires a unique approach to address each individual issue, however our usual process is as follows;

  • Remove standing water & extract water from saturated, recoverable soft furnishings
  • Remove any materials that may inhibit effective drying (obtaining clear consent from either yourself or your loss adjustor where these may be objects of either sentimental or financial value)
  • Disinfect any contaminated areas
  • Install drying equipment (air-movers, dehumidifiers etc.) to begin effective drying
  • Monitor the drying process & make adjustments, if needed
  • Communicate clearly & honestly with you/ your loss adjustor throughout the process
  • Determine that your home/premises have returned to their pre-loss condition, remove our equipment & professionally clean any affected soft furnishings

To read more about our flood restoration process, you can read more here.

In this instance, the flood was addressed and the lounge was back in working order in time for Christmas. This family can now relax in their home, knowing it is clean with no hidden moisture and bacteria that could be causing further problems in the home.

If you have an enquiry about carpet, hard floor or upholstery cleaning, or our flood or decontamination services, please feel to get in touch with our team using the button below. We are always happy to help and advise.

Carpet cleaned after a flood in Gloucestershire
Carpet cleaned after a flood in Gloucestershire

Wonderful rug cleaning and stain removal results in Cheltenham

Pete was in charge of cleaning several beautiful traditional rugs and some stain removal in Cheltenham this week.

First up were the rugs.

Our environmentally friendly process for cleaning these large rugs involved;

  • Pre-testing (specifically for dye fastness)
  • Dry extraction/vacuuming (front & back)
  • Spot/stain treatments, as necessary 
  • Eco-sanitising pre-spray (wool safe)
  • Agitation
  • Traditional rinse extraction

As you can see from the image on the right, these rugs had delicate fringing that also required hand cleaning and regrooming.

Each rug is assessed and tested and the process will be tweaked and adapted to suit the needs of the fabric and any stains that need addressing.

Hand cleaning of delicate rug fringing
Hand cleaning of delicate rug fringing
Rug fringe in the process of being cleaned
Rug fringe in the process of being cleaned
Thorough deep cleaning of traditional rugs in Cheltenham
Thorough deep cleaning of traditional rugs in Cheltenham
Deep clean of rugs in Cheltenham
Deep clean of rugs in Cheltenham
Beautiful rug cleaning results in Cheltenham
Beautiful rug cleaning results in Cheltenham

All these rugs received a full professional deep clean and are now rejuvenated, sanitised and are looking back to their best.

Due to the size and number of the rugs, Pete used an industrial air mover to speed up the drying process to ensure these beautiful rugs dried out in good time and were ready to be put back down in their original places.

You can read more about our rug cleaning processes here.

Next up, Pete had to tackle a stain and as you can see below, he achieved some amazing results. Stains can sometimes prove permanent, even with a deep clean, luckily it was not the case for this one.

Stain before deep cleaning
Stain before deep cleaning
Stain post deep cleaning
Stain post deep cleaning

With Christmas coming up, families and friends visiting and enjoying lovely food and drinks as well as bringing along children and pets the chance of spillages and stains is high! We have put together a handy guide to help you deal with stains and spillages in the home, most importantly without making them even worse! You can read this guide here.

Whatever your requirement may be, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We are always delighted to offer our professional advice, quotations and arrange cleaning for you.

Excellent upholstery cleaning in the Cotswolds

Our technician Pete recently spent a chilly Friday morning in the Cotswolds cleaning two sofas, one cotton velvet & one linen. When this job was booked in, the customer was unsure if one of the sofas was indeed cotton velvet. The first step when arriving at the property was to pre-test the fabric so that our technician knows exactly what material he would be working with & could therefore determine which process to use to get the best results…

If you are unsure if your upholstery is cotton or synthetic velvet, you can also get a good idea yourself by wetting a small area of the fabric in an out of way area (usually low down of the back is a good place!) & press it firmly. If the pile dents/collapses, it’s cotton.

As this was found to be cotton velvet, Pete decided to dry-clean the sofa as this is a gentler method of cleaning & would avoid any damage that the amount of water used in a traditional rinse extraction may cause on such a delicate fabric.

Dry-cleaning has limitations as a cleaning method, compared to the deep cleaning that a traditional rinse extraction offers. It involves the application of solvent to the upholstery once it has been thoroughly hoovered. The solution used is a low volatility solvent, but still requires a well-ventilated room whilst the clean is taking place as well as for a few hours following the clean.

Dry cleaning service for cotton velvet near Chipping Norton

Despite the limitations of dry-cleaning, by working carefully & methodically a lot of soiling was successfully recovered from the sofa, leaving it fresher & sanitised.

However, some of the stains proved to be permanent in this instance. This is not uncommon with this type of fabric.

The second sofa that Pete was there to clean was also pre-tested & confirmed to be linen. The method used for cleaning this sofa was a traditional rinse extraction (sometimes called steam cleaning).

The sofa was thoroughly hoovered before any stain treatments were applied. An eco-sanitising pre-spray is then used before a gentle agitation to bring any dirt to the surface before it is rinse extracted.

Depending on the level of soiling, this final step is sometimes repeated.

As you can see from the side-by-side images above, the linen sofa responded well to the deep clean and either lifted the stains completely or made a marked improvement. Although the cleaning process is different to that of the cotton velvet sofa, both methods meant that the upholstery was cleaner, fresher & sanitised for the customer (who was very pleased with the results).

If you are interested in having your upholstery cleaned, then please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information or to book an appointment.

Superb clean of limestone flooring in the Cotswold’s

Last month, two members of the Green Man team spent the day in the town of Tetbury in the Cotswold’s to rejuvenate a limestone floor in a customer’s kitchen & dining room where is had become dull following constant footfall. This visit followed a short survey we had already carried out at the property so that we knew exactly what kind of flooring we would be working with & knew what processes would bring out the best results.

First step vacuum
First step vacuum

Once the floor area has been cleared which we ask all our customers to do as much as they can. We then sweep & vacuum the flooring in-order to pick up as much surface dirt as possible. We then use rotary agitation using our eco-friendly solutions to breakdown & remove all the trodden in dirt. We allow enough time for the solutions to dwell as the natural texture of limestone often traps soil and debris which is hard to remove once it has accumulated.

Grout cleaning of Limestone floor
Grout cleaning of Limestone floor

We also manually clean the grout between each tile as well as the edging of the tiles where they meet the kickboards. These areas are often forgotten about when you clean the floors yourself, however both of these areas are magnets for trapping dirt & by spending time cleaning the more intricate areas like this improves the overall finish.

Thorough Cleaning of flooring including the edges
Thorough Cleaning of flooring including the edges

Once the tiles & grout have been cleaned, the slurry is extracted using a wet vacuum, this part of the process is then repeated as necessary before we then rinse the floors which ensures that all cleaning solutions & any remaining dirt is removed. Following a deep clean such as this, we often recommend applying a layer of sealant to the floor to help protect it from future spillages. As well as enhancing the overall appearance, a seal will also increase the longevity of the floor. Before any seal can be applied, the floor needs to be fully dry otherwise there is the potential that the sealant would not be absorbed or could cause a reaction & fail. In this instance we sped up the drying process using air movers so that we could apply the seal the same day due to the kitchen being a highly used space.

Air mover used on limestone floor 1
Air mover used on limestone floor 1

We used an eco-friendly water-based seal from Ecoprotec which not only repels water, oil & grease, but is also a colour enhancing stone sealer that we have seen great results with on previous projects. Once applied, it initially gives a glossy look but when dried it leaves a natural finish.

Sparkling Clean
Sparkling Clean
Cleaned polished limestone floor
Cleaned polished limestone floor

If you would like to arrange a short survey of your limestone floor or any hard flooring, please use the contact us button below. We would be delighted to hear from you.