On Tuesday night, two of us from the Green Man team conducted a deep-clean of a commercial premises in Bristol. There was no charge for this, as it was for our adopted charity, DHI.

We followed the full professional method of industrial vacuuming, spot/stain treatments, eco-pre-spray, mechanical agitation. After this, any soils present in the carpets were suspended & primed for extraction…

As a carpet cleaner operating in Bristol, it is common for customers to ask for “steam cleaning”. We would term this ‘rinse extraction’ and for this job, we brought our mobile truck mount machine, the Jaguar 8.4.

After nearly four hours’ work, we had removed a tremendous amount of soiling. We wouldn’t have been surprised id the building had risen by a few centimetres. The video below is from this clean…

All in all, the clean went very well. Some of the historic coffee stains failed to lift but (with an acidic stain like this) that was not unsurprising. The following day, we had this feedback from our client:

Hi Jon


We can’t thank you enough!!! The carpet looks amazing! Everyone has come in and gasped! 


As soon as I get a chance I will write you a review.


Thank you again!”