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Eco friendly carpet cleaning in Cardiff

This week, we were delighted to be commercial carpet cleaning at the LATCH Children’s Cancer Charity in University Hospital, Cardiff aka The Heath. This was a large-ish carpet clean and required two technicians for half a day. Let’s find out how it went…

Healthcare cleaning in Cardiff

Setting up the carpet clean

Cardiff commercial carpet cleaning specialists

Parking at Cardiff’s main hospital can be an interesting experience, so we had made a plan beforehand. All our commercial cleaning work will involve a free initial survey, so we had scoped the most efficient way to organise this side of things already.

The vans fitted in the multi-storey car park on site, but with only an inch to spare! This definitely made driving in and out of the car park a test of our nerves.

Thankfully, we were able to use the zoned outside the Noah’s Ark/ Children’s Hospital for Wales to unload the carpet cleaning equipment, before driving off & parking.

The challenges of commercial carpet cleaning in a healthcare environment…

Office carpet cleaning in Cardiff
Healthcare cleaning in University Hospital of Wales Cardiff

Carrying out a full deep-clean of carpets requires some fairly serious kit, not to mention the lengths of vacuum and solution hoses which connect to the rinse extraction machine. However, in a busy hospital corridor, the last thing you want is multiple trip hazards and a wet floor!

Our commercial cleaning work would normally tend to be carried out after a premises has closed or at the weekend. Hospitals tend not to operate standard shop hours, so we carried out a risk assessment and designed a cleaning method that would minimise potential hazards.

The images above show the two main elements of the clean. In the first, our technician Sam is using a Numatic rotary machine with a solution tank. There is a brush on the bottom of the machine which enables him to apply the carpet cleaning pre-spray at the same time as agitating the carpet. This reduces the amount of time the clean takes, therefore reducing risk.

Short lengths of vacuum hose minimise risk
Short lengths of vacuum hose minimise risk
Carpet cleaning in Cardiff
Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff

We used a smaller extraction machine on this job and short lengths of hoses. This meant that we could “park” the machine close to where we were working and minimise the likelihood of anyone tripping over the kit. The image above demonstrates how we usually manage to clean a heavily furnished space – we move everything to one side, clean the exposed carpet, then vice versa!

Deep cleaning service in Cardiff
Commercial carpet cleaning in South Wales

In more restricted spaces like bedrooms, moving the furniture is important to ensure a complete clean can be achieved.

In the images above, you can see how the team have moved beds & bedside tables to get around the interior. In a healthcare setting where the primary aim of cleaning is hygiene, attention to detail and thoroughness are important.

Carpet cleaning service in Cardiff

Fantastic results!

Best carpet cleaning service in Cardiff
Professional carpet cleaning in Cardiff
Professional commercial carpet cleaning in Cardiff

A large amount of soil was lifted from these carpets. By tailoring our professional carpet cleaning method to the needs of this job, we delivered a safe & effective clean.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to get in touch.

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Thanks for reading!

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