Commercial carpet cleaning with amazing results

Office green clean

Last week we were called to clean these large commercial offices in Bristol after some building work had left them in need of a thorough vacuum and deep clean.

This large office required two of our experienced and skilled technicians working together to clean such a large area effectively. In the video below you can see Jon and Sam hard at work at different parts of the process, there are a lot of different stages to our deep, eco friendly carpet cleaning method to make sure nothing is missed and all our customers get the results they expect from our professional carpet cleaning service.

In these offices there was a lot of debris and plasterboard from the building work that needed to be removed which can be really tough as it can get embedded into the carpet fibres. Using an industrial vacuum and some elbow grease as much as possible was removed before heading onto the next step.

Commercial office carpet cleaning
Commercial office carpet cleaning

After the vacuum, we used our rotary agitator to work deep down into the fibres to bring up buried soil and dirt. We used a powerful, yet eco-friendly solution to ensure we are removing all the years of tracked in dirt. The carpets were then rinse extracted, known as steam cleaning, to sanitise and freshen the carpets.

As you can see from the photo below of the water coming out of the rinse extractor, there was a lot to be removed that you wouldn’t have even known was there! This is the case in domestic carpets as well, there is often a lot of embedded dirt that can be quite surprising, but very satisfying, to see being removed.

The results

Impressive results from rinse extractor
Impressive results from rinse extractor

These carpets have now received the full, eco-friendly, deep clean from Green Man which will leave them more hygienic, fresher and more resistant to staining. These offices will now be a much more pleasant place to work.

If you have a commercial building you would like cleaned, we can come and conduct a free, no obligation survey to give you a quote, just click the contact us button below. We also offer the same deep cleaning process for domestic homes and if you would like to see the improvements for your own carpets, please use the contact us button below.

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