Commercial Carpet Cleaning in a double-glazing showroom

Out-of-hours carpet cleaning is a service we provide for commercial clients. A recent job was in a large double-glazing & door showroom in North Bristol. The carpet had suffered a high volume of foot traffic, as well as tracked in oil from the adjoining workshop.

Commercial carpet cleaning is often a balance between the need for efficient deep-cleaning whilst ensuring acceptable drying times. We don’t use truck-mounted Diesel engines to power our cleans – by using electric machines, we can eliminate local exhaust emissions, as well as ensure that at least some of the power behind our work is environmentally sourced.

Because of this, we need to ensure that the solutions & methodology we use works effectively. Commercial cleaning from Green Man is a covered by our honour guarantee and will often incorporate the use of low energy air-movers to deliver fast drying times.

Commercial carpet cleaning in Bristol

Although low-moisture (encapsulation) cleaning is often specified for commercial carpets, the high soil load here meant that traditional hot water extraction was the only method likely to deliver a satisfactory result.

Our method was a fairly typical carpet clean:

  • Vacuuming
  • Spot/stain treatments
  • Application of eco-pre-spray
  • Rotary agitation
  • Traditional rinse extraction

The only additional was the use of an eco (corn-based) solvent to lift the adhesive residue from social-distancing stickers post-lockdown.

Commercial carpet cleaning in a double glazing showroom in Bristol at night.
Commercial carpet cleaning in a double glazing showroom in Bristol

If you manage a commercial premises and are interested in a free, no-obligation survey of your carpet, upholstery or hard flooring, get in touch using our Contact page or by giving us a call.

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