Commercial chair cleaning – a brief case study.

Agitating eco-friendly pre-spray to chairs in a church in Bristol
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Green Man professionally cleaned 250 chairs in a Catholic Church in Bristol this weekend.

A few week’s back, we were asked to survey a large number of chairs in a church in Bristol. They needed significant wax & stain removal, as well as deep-cleaning – and this all needed to be done within a short time-frame. Not only this, but they needed to be guaranteed dry within a day so that the church congregation would be able to sit on them for a special occasion.

The scope of the job meant that we would need to create a bespoke clean that ensured the client was able to secure a quick turnaround without compromising on quality.

Modern solutions to meet the demands of a busy world…

The nature of this particular job meant that traditional rinse extraction cleaning was out of the question. Whilst it would have been our preferred option, the temperature of the church and condition of the chairs meant that guaranteeing all 250 chairs would have been dry would have been a gamble.

We discussed the various options with our client and devised a cleaning approach that used a combination of traditional stain & wax-removal techniques with modern encapsulating technology.

This involved:

  • 1. Vacuuming (using an industrial vacuum with turbo-brush hand tool attached)
  • 2. Spot/stain treatments – including a significant amount of the classic “iron and kitchen towel” wax removal technique!
  • 3. Eco-friendly encapsulating pre-spray
  • 4. Rotary agitation (using a motorised micro-fibre pad machine)
  • 5. Dry extraction

How does low-moisture upholstery cleaning work?

Our encapsulation solution uses no detergents, contains natural plant extracts and utilises advances in technology to deliver built in anti-stain & anti-soil properties.

After the solution has been applied to the carpet and dwelt for at least 10 minutes, crystallizing polymers surround or encapsulate the soils which are now suspended within the solution.

As the solution dries, the encapsulation polymers dry to a crystal. This crystal does not adhere to the carpet fibres; instead, it’s easily removed with a micro-fibre pad.

To read more about our chair cleaning services, click here.

Agitating eco-friendly pre-spray to chairs in a church in Bristol
Applying eco-friendly pre-spray to chairs in a church in Bristol

The finished result was excellent.

When we left, about a third of the chairs were already dry and able to be safely sat upon.Within 5 hours, all 250 chairs had been stain treated, deodorised and cleaned.

We had removed almost all traces of wax from around 50 of the chairs, as well as ink stain removal and the general fabric cleaning. Not only that, but the fabric is left more resistant to ongoing staining.

In layman’s terms, the upholstery is:

Drier quicker



Stain Resistant

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