An outstanding clean of 140 office chairs in Bristol

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A team of our technicians were recently called to an office block in Bristol to clean an abundance of office chairs. In around 5 hours, we cleaned in excess of 140 chairs in a range of styles & materials such as fabric and mesh. A fully green clean such as this leaves the chairs cleaner & sanitised whilst being eco-friendly.

With bespoke work such as this, we offer to come out & conduct a short survey first to establish exactly which service you require so that we are better equipped to provide you with a quote as well as giving you our expert advice on what is required to bring out the best in your chairs and/or carpets. Whether it is a small job that only requires one technician to a larger operation that requires all of our 5 person team, we are happy to undertake all variations.

The cleaning of office chairs can often by overlooked by employers. However, by having the chairs cleaned regularly, it can help ensure they remain in good working order & therefore last longer.

Promoting a clean & tidy working environment will, in turn, lead to better productivity.

It is not only their appearance that benefits but also helps eliminate stains, odours & dirt, especially if your employees are eating/drinking at their desks.

Please feel free to contact us if you would be interested in booking a short survey to provide you with a quote, whether it is for a one-off clean or a yearly event, we are always happy to help. We cover a wide area including Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Oxford, Swindon etc.

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