The rug cleaning work we deliver tends to be conducted in situ in a family home or office space. This week, the Green Man team were called out to a tv & film studio in Bristol…

The brief

5 rugs had been used out in fields in South Gloucestershire during the filming of medieval jousts for a Tudor tv series. During the course of filming in a wet week in November, these rugs had become absolutely sodden with mud and were in dire need of a very deep-clean.

The prescription

The tv crew had very sensibly hung the rugs and pointed commercial gas driers toward them. When we arrived, they were only slightly damp.

The first task was to vacuum as much dry soil (and hay, and grit!) from the rugs as possible.

Once this stage was done, we could apply a suitable pre-spray to the wool to encourage the heavy soil load to become soluble. After this stage, we agitated the solution into the rugs using a commercial rotary with soft brushes. This also broke down some of the heavier clumps of soil.

After this prep work, it was time to commence the deep-clean, using traditional rinse extraction…

This process had to be conducted to both front & back of the rugs. Following this quite lengthy process, we then had to remove some candle wax and then treat the cotton fringes on some of the rugs.

Once this painstaking process had been completed, the work was almost done. The 5 large rugs took two of us about 4.5 hours. The production team helped get the rugs  over struts and next to a heat source to accelerate the drying time.

We worked out we had used a much greater volume of water than usual in the process, probably close to 100 litres in order to fully rinse the mud out of the rugs.

The final result was worth it, though. Now we can look forward to a new hobby of “rug spotting” when the next series of this programme is next on tv!

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