Today our technicians conducted a deep-clean & sanitising service to office chairs in Bristol City Centre.

This job was originally booked before the Coronavirus lockdown, and then postponed until the office was empty. Nonetheless, our technicians took the appropriate PPE and maintained a safe distance from each other throughout.


What the work involved


Today’s job was focussed on restoring the office furniture to a high standard so that it could be moved into the new business premises & feel refreshed.

We also used a disinfectant approved to kill Covid-19 to sanitise the plastic touch-points on the furniture. This is to give the office staff additional peace of mind once the lockdown is phased out.

The process was as follows:

  • ¬†Vacuum the fabric
  • Apply eco-friendly/sanitising pre-spray
  • Agitate fabric using brush
  • Rinse extract using powerful extraction machine
  • Post-clean application of disinfectant to plastic touch-points. Allow sufficient “kill time”, then wipe clean

When we are conducting deep-cleaning of office upholstery, the task takes on the motion of sheep shearing!

Chairs are mustered into position, ready for cleaning. The first technician applies the pre-spray to multiple chairs & agitates the solution into the fabric. Each chair is then passed on to the second technician who rinse extracts the fabric with a hand tool. This process looks very much like sheep shearing – take a look at a video from a different job & compare this with the footage of an Aussie shepherd hard at work!

Office chairs are less unruly than sheep, thankfully!

If you have any questions about how we work, or would like to enquire about our commercial services to offices, please get in touch via our Contact page.

Thank you for reading!