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Green Man provide a range of interim & restorative solutions for all types of wood flooring. Our aim is to deliver a high quality & cost-effective alternative to sanding. An initial (free) survey will determine whether your floor is suitable & provide an opportunity to discuss the type of finish you are looking to achieve.

This project was for a high spec commercial premises in Bath. Highly unusually, this was a large area of parquet flooring laid over a year ago that was completely unsealed. Since it has been laid. high foot traffic has already lead to significant deterioration of the downstairs showroom. The manager was- unsurprisingly- keen that the upstairs areas did not suffer the same fate. The image above also shows a notable paint spillage (which later images show that we manage to remove).

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Wood does not like to be over-wet, particular bare wood boards such as these. Our team specified a cleaning process where we would apply a wood cleaning solution, agitate using a rotary floor machine, extract the slurry with an extraction machine, then force dry with air movers.

The image below illustrates the process-

By accelerating the drying process, we are able to both protect the wood from damage & ensure that the protective polish can be applied during the same visit. This helps to keep costs down.

Once the floor is completely dry, the multiple layers of polish were applied. In this case, a matt finish was required.

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Wood polish is carefully applied to deliver an even finish that enhances both the appearance & durability of the wood flooring.

We will usually apply up to 3 coats, allowing the necessary drying time between each application.

In the both images here, you can see the area where the large paint spillage had been. We managed to almost entirely remove all traces of this accident.

If you have any questions or would like to request a survey for our wood floor cleaning & polishing survey, please feel free to get in touch.

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