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Friday’s clean was a deep-clean of a large entrance mat in a smart commercial office premises. Our client had called to explain that someone had walked-in tar from the newly laid tarmac outside. Their scheduled cleaners had tried to remove without success.


Tar-stained office entrance mat

The main issue here is that tar forms a hard residue that is difficult to breakdown. Standard cleaning solutions simply won’t penetrate tar. Our process was as follows:

  1. Remove surface dirt with industrial vacuum etc.
  2. Treat tar with a specialist solution to break down its structure
  3. Apply eco-friendly pre-spray
  4. Agitate
  5. Traditional rinse extraction

The result?


Tar-stained office entrance mat after cleaning

After a reasonable¬†dwell time & moderate agitation, the tar loosed well enough for us to extract. The carpet was a fairly tough synthetic, so everything lifted well. If this had been a wool carpet, we wouldn’t have been able to agitate so much and it would have been a lot harder to detach the tar.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the customer at the point we left, but we’re hoping they were happy with our work.

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