Concrete cleaning for a new yoga studio

Concrete floor cleaning company scaled

One of the many jobs completed last week involved the deep-clean & decontamination of this concrete basement floor. Following a recent part-renovation, the owner had asked us to survey & carry out a deep-clean of the concrete, followed by the application of a biocidal solution to ensure the area was hygienically clean.

Concrete cleaning

After a thorough sweep-up, our process was to use a rotary floor scrubber with an attached tank to simultaneously apply a deep-cleaning solution & agitate the concrete. We did this in small sections at a time, extracting the resulting slurry with a wet-vac, then moving to another area.

How to clean a concrete floor

The image shows our Numatic Hurricane machine with a black floor pad. You can see the solution tank is attached to the machine, allowing the operative to apply the cleaning solution as they work.

Floor pads come in a variety of colours, each with a different purpose. The black pad is the most aggressive of these, meaning the surface is scoured & a deep level of clean is achieved.

This method relies on the concrete having been sealed, otherwise the cleaning solution is rapidly absorbed into the concrete & rendered completely ineffective.

Once the entire area had been deep-cleaned, we removed our equipment & mixed an eco-friendly, but biocidal solution that would kill any bacteria, mould & viruses. We decontaminated the concrete floor by applying this fairly heavily & allowing it at least a 10 minute kill time.

If you have any questions regarding concrete cleaning or concrete decontamination, please get in touch.

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