Decontamination cleaning in Chippenham

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Eco-friendly decontamination cleaning in Chippenham

As a provider of professional cleaning services, we are receiving an increased volume of enquiries relating to decontamination cleaning. The current Covid-19 crisis has affected everyone, both at home and at work. It has heightened the public perception of how contamination can be spread and therefore increased the demand for this type of work. 

What we offer

Green Man carry a range of solutions specifically designed to deal with pathogens and have the training in place to ensure a professional deep-clean can be conducted to a high standard. While few products in our sector have been accredited as being “Covid-19” specific, the solution we use is effective against Coronoviruses, as well as being entirely eco-friendly. For this reason, we are confident in stating that we can conduct a decontamination clean with a solution tested to kill a range of Coronaviruses.

 “Green Man can conduct a decontamination clean with a solution tested to kill a range of Coronaviruses.”


Specifically relating to the current situation, here are the anti-viral services we offer our customers in and near Chippenham: 

  • Eco-friendly anti-viral carpet cleaning in Chippenham
  • Eco-friendly anti-viral hard floor cleaning in Chippenham
  • Eco-friendly anti-viral upholstery cleaning in Chippenham
  • Eco-friendly anti-viral rug cleaning in Chippenham
  • Eco-friendly decontamination fogging/fumigation treatment in Chippenham

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