This week, Pete attended a property in Gloucester that was in need of professional restorative cleaning. Both carpets & hard floors throughout the property were in a very poor condition & required specialist attention & equipment to bring them back to an acceptable standard.

Hard floor cleaning

While hard floor cleaning often means tile & grout, or marble, we also deliver deep-cleaning & resealing of luxury vinyl and laminate wood flooring.

These types of flooring are designed to be resilient to everyday living. However, the wood-like texture of many modern flooring types traps dirt, even when they are being mopped!

Here’s a before & after of our work-

If you have a luxury vinyl tile (Amtico, Karndean) type of flooring or laminate, it’s important to clean it carefully.

If you mop with a detergent-heavy solution and- most importantly – fail to rinse clean with a separate bucket of clean water with a clean mop head, chances are you are creating a build-up of soil on your flooring. Many of the floors we’re called out to clean show the build-up of soiling that accumulates from incorrect mopping technique with the wrong solution.

Our process on this occasion was as follows:

  1. Removal of dry soil
  2. Treatment of stains
  3. Application of eco-friendly deep-cleaning solution
  4. Agitation using an oscillating pad machine
  5. Rinse extraction

The combined process here is designed to breakdown the heavy soil deposits and bring the flooring back to its best potential condition.

Some of these flooring types can also be stripped & re-sealed. If you have a query regarding the right treatment for your flooring, please feel free to get in touch for no obligation advice.

Professional carpet cleaning

Green Man generally conduct a deep-clean by default on all the work we do. 

When carpets have suffered a lot, sometimes we need to take additional steps to ensure we can bring them back to a satisfactory standard. As well as the industrial vacuuming, stain treatments, hi-tech/eco-friendly pre-spray and rinse extraction, a lot of experience and careful timing helped to bring about the results achieved here.

If you have a question regarding any of our professional cleaning services, please feel free to get in touch using our contact page.

Thank you for reading!