Flood Restoration


When a flood occurs, it is important to take action quickly to prevent water causing permanent damage or serious contamination to your property.

It is also a key part of most insurance policies that the policy holders take what steps they can as soon as possible to mitigate unnecessary further damage.

Green Man have a responsive & well qualified team equipped with the right machines & industrial strength, yet eco-friendly solutions.

Our aim is to limit the damage to your home or office premises & help get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. 

*We currently provide a responsive service within the Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Chippenham, Frome, Gloucester, Oxford & Swindon areas.

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Our flood related service areas include:

Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Chippenham, Frome, Gloucester, Oxford & Swindon

Initial Response & Survey

  1. Upon visiting your property, we will conduct a risk assessment & survey to ensure that you are as safe as possible & any potential hazards are identified. This will also inform our report to your insurance company. Anything that can be done immediately to reduce any potential for further damage will be initiated at this point.
  2. We will then share our findings with you & ensure you understand the proposed work.
  3. At this point, we will outline a clear plan & obtain your consent to continue. We are able to liase with your insurance company’s loss adjustor if required.
  4. Using moisture sensor instruments, specialist cameras & physical surveying methods our technicians will then inspect all areas to detect the extent to which water has spread. This is key to creating a drying plan.
Flood restoration in Bristol
Flood survey in Bristol

After the drying plan has been agreed, we will then:

  • Remove standing water & extract water from saturated, recoverable soft furnishings
  • Remove any materials that may inhibit effective drying (obtaining clear consent from either yourself or your loss adjustor where these may be objects of either sentimental or financial value)
  • Disinfect any contaminated areas
  • Install drying equipment (air-movers, dehumidifiers etc.) to begin effective drying
  • Monitor the drying process & make adjustments, if needed
  • Communicate clearly & honestly with you/ your loss adjustor throughout the process
  • Determine that your home/premises have returned to their pre-loss condition, remove our equipment & professionally clean any affected soft furnishings

Our Water Recovery Method

1. High Volume Extraction – recover as much waste water as possible from floors, cavities, carpets etc. using our industrial extraction machines.

N.B. If water is contaminated, this will involve likely evacuation of your property & appropriate protective measures put into place to ensure contamination risks are contained.

2. Removal/ assessment of furnishings. Property & furnishings undamaged will be removed from the affected areas. Soft furnishings that are damp can either be treated in situ or removed for treatment.

3. Application of anti-microbial to mitigate any potential for bacterial onset (very likely  in the increased humidity environment).

4. Rinse & recover waste water from the carpet a second time to ensure any contamination is thoroughly removed.

From this point onwards, the procedure will vary depending on the particular circumstances of the job.

This is an approved, thorough procedure that is designed to rapidly secure a positive outcome for your soft furnishings and avoid the often unnecessary step of replacing your carpets.

If you’ve recently been flooded & would like to find out if we can help, please get in touch for a no-obligation discussion with one of our technicians.

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