The Freshen Up Clean!

Sometimes, your home or workplace just needs a little invigorating…
Maybe you’re entertaining?
Maybe you have people visiting soon?
Perhaps you simply want to revitalise your carpets, curtains & upholstery?
If this sounds like you, you need to hear about how our Freshen Up Clean can add that l i f t to your soft furnishings
and brighten up the whole home.

Step One

All professional carpet, rug, upholstery & curtain cleaning begins with an industrial vacuuming, and The Freshen Up is no different.

Our fully trained technicians will carefully remove all the dust & dry soils from soft furnishings using industry-standard powerful vacuums and hand-tools before commencing the next stage.

Step Two

We then carefully apply an eco-friendly solution that will clean, deodorise & leave your furnishings more resistant to staining.

Only a small amount of our solution is needed, meaning minimal drying times of less than an hour.

Step Three

Depending on whether we’re treating carpets, curtains, rugs or sofas, we will then work the solution deep into the fibres/fabric ensuring a thorough clean.

And that’s it!

The Freshen Up has been devised to meet the needs of homeowners who don’t require a deep clean.

It works by giving you maximum benefit for minimal fuss – the soil-removal benefits of industrial vacuuming, the quick-drying power of rotary cleaning, with the brightening, deodorising impact of modern, soil-encapsulation technology. All this, with added stain resistance included!

The Science

The FreshenUp Clean is brought to you by . . . Soil encapsulators

After an encapsulating solution has been applied to the carpet, crystallising polymers surround (or encapsulate) any soils present, which are then suspended within the solution.

As the solution dries, the encapsulation polymers dry to a crystal. This crystal does not adhere to the carpet fibres; instead, it’s easily removed with vacuuming.The whole process is detergent-free and contains natural plant extracts. It uses smart bio-technology to deliver anti-stain & anti-soil properties to your newly cleaned furnishings.

The encapsulating solution we use will keep your carpets cleaner and healthier for even longer and, at the same time, naturally deodorise the cleaned areas leaving a fresh, natural aroma that is not an added perfume.

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