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Rug Cleaning

Rugs lend warmth, texture and colour to your home and often are the result of many hours of skilled hand-crafting. Whether you have a modern, machine-made rug or a room-sized Afghan rug, Green Man provide a comprehensive & insured rug cleaning service from our three local branches in Bath, Bristol, Stroud & Frome.

Rug cleaning is a careful process of: 


  • Pre-inspection & testing
  • Beating (to extract dry soils)
  • Dry extraction (to further remove dry soils)
  • Spot/stain treatments
  • Deep cleaning/sanitising eco pre-spray agitation
  • Final clean (either modern low moisture or traditional wet extraction)
  • Fringe treatments (if needed)
  • Accelerated drying

After your rug has been cleaned, we advise finding a warm area where it can either be hung or draped to allow air to circulate freely around it. This is because most rugs tend to be densely constructed and will benefit from some assistance in drying.

Where drying time might be problematic, we may recommend renting one of our industrial air movers to accelerate the process.

This service is charged at £20 for 24 hours.

It would be unprofessional not to draw our customers’ attention to the existence of “specialist rug cleaners” operating in the South West. These companies tend to operate from an industrial unit and offer the customer the convenience of having their rug collected & returned. Because they sometimes have a large commercial centrifuge, a specialist rug cleaning company will be able to fully dry your rug off-site before its return.

Our research has shown that (as a rough guide) you can expect to pay around an additional £250 for this service. 

In addition to the considerable cost-saving we offer by conducting a deep-clean in the home, from an environmental point of view, we use a fraction of the water used in a rug-plant where hundreds of gallons of water are used per day to flood and hose down rugs.

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Sometimes, if the weather is good & the rug type suitable, we are lucky enough to be able to dry rugs the traditional way!

“Green Man offer you the convenience of having your rugs cleaned in situ.”