Stain Protection

Over the years that we have been offering professional stain protection to customers, we have been amazed at how much carpet & upholstery suppliers will charge for a stain protection service.

We provide transparent pricing and make it clear that our main cost is for the product itself, certainly not for the relatively straightforward task of applying the stain protection

When you have invested a significant amount into making your house your home, it makes sense to protect your soft furnishings from the inevitable spots & spills.

Green Man guarantee to provide the industry-leading stain protection, Protect Nano.

Read more about our stain treatment work here.

Protect Nano

“Protect Nano is a water-based solution of fluoro-chemical nano-particles which cures in air to form a water and oil repellent barrier on porous surfaces. Unlike most water-based fluoro-chemicals, Protect Nano does not require high temperature curing to give optimum oil and water repellence.”

“Protect Nano is designed for professional use only to give lasting protection on carpets & fabric (not suitable for silk).”

Durability“Protect Nano protects against penetration by oil or water based contaminants making cleaning of surfaces very easy – most stains can simply be wiped or mopped away.”

The protection is long lasting but will be reduced over time depending on wear, traffic and cleaning regime.”

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