Our Rug Cleaning Process

Stage One:

Before any cleaning can take place, we ensure that the room is as clear as possible. This would normally involve removal of any breakables, then repositioning any furniture to the periphery of the room to allow a reasonable working area.

Once this is done, we are then able to lay down layers of floor protection to ensure that the water we use stays where it is supposed to.

In the image, you can see how the tarpaulin is framing the rug and clearly demarcating the area that our technicians will work within.

Once everything is prepared, the initial dry extraction process is carried out, including substantial “back beating” to ensure maximum dirt, dust, sand & dry soiling has been removed.

Stage Two:

Once your rug has been dry extracted, we will then attend to any spots or stains that are apparent.

Green Man carry a broad range of solutions to treat almost any issue, including tea/coffee, red wine, food, grease, make-up, pet-related problems and more! While we can never guarantee that a stain will be entirely removable, we can almost always improve things without danger of damage.


Stage Three:

After we have attended to any stains, we will apply a wool-safe, eco-friendly solution that will deep clean & sanitise your rug.

Once sprayed down, this solution will benefit from either manual or mechanical agitation to work it evenly throughout the rug. This process can also assist in breaking down areas of stubborn soiling.

Stage Four: 

Once all the initial stages have been thoroughly completed, we will then perform the final stage of the main deep-clean, traditional rinse extraction. This is the process that is often (erroneously) termed steam cleaning

A solution of water (with an acidic element to ph balance your rug fibres) is atomised & sprayed under pressure into the rug, and simultaneously recovered with a powerful vacuum motor.

Stage Five:

Finally, we will perform multiple dry-passes with the cleaning wand to ensure as much water as possible has been recovered before setting up an air mover to generate a current of air beneath your rug. This will accelerate the drying process.

While this is happening, we will attend to the fringes of your rug (if it has any) by applying a solution that will improve their natural whiteness.


After all stages are complete, we will invite you to inspect your rug and arrange for next day collection of the air-mover. 

Read more about our rug cleaning service h e r e.

Currently, we are offering next day collection in the following areas: Bath, Bristol, Chippenham & Frome & surrounding areas.

If you have any questions regarding our process or would like to make an enquiry regarding a booking, please feel free to get in touch.