End of tenancy carpet cleaning – double clean!

End of tenancy carpet cleaning Bristol
End of tenancy carpet cleaning Bristol

This week, we attended a deep end of tenancy/start of tenancy clean at a beautiful apartment in Bristol. It should have been a very straightforward job:

  • Empty bedroom
  • Large space to work in

However, the condition of the carpet was very poor.

The texture of the carpet had meant that a large amount of dry soiling was bound into the carpet fibres.

The first step was intensive vacuuming using our industrial Sebo BS36. We vacuumed slowly both horizontally & vertically. By the times this stage was complete, there was already a noticeable difference.

After a high performance eco-friendly pre-spray had been applied & agitated evenly throughout the carpet using a rotary machine, it was time for the final rinse extraction.

This is the stage that is sometimes called “steam cleaning”. Ordinarily, this is a linear process beginning from one end of the room and ending at the other side. This time, owing to the state of the carpet, we found we needed to conduct this stage both horizontally & vertically (like the vacuuming earlier).

The machine we were using can produce 800 psi, so it wasn’t a lack of power. It was simply that the carpet had significant amounts of compacted soiling that needed specific treatment.

As professional carpet cleaners, we are committed to ensureing every job is our best work. Sometimes, this means taking significantly longer to ensure the work is to a standard we can be proud of.

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