Excellent results on Bath carpet clean

Deep clean of carpets in Somerset

This week saw our Bath technician, Jake spend the majority of the day at a recently vacated 4 bedroomed house in Lansdown. As is often the case, it is not until you move all of your furniture out that you realise that the carpets are in need of a deep clean! As well as general soiling, there were a lot of stains in the house for Jake to tackle.

Once Jake had completed a walk around the house to get a good look at the overall condition of the carpets & noted particular stains that required treating, he could start the cleaning process. This begins with thoroughly vacuuming all of the carpets with a commercial vacuum.

Then a stain treatment is applied to the stains that have been noted & the carpets are covered in an eco-sanitising pre-spray. These solutions are then given time to dwell which helps to breakdown the stains to give them the best chance of lifting.

Carpet Deep Cleaning in Bath

A rotary agitation machine is then used to apply the cleaning solutions & hot water to the carpets whilst applying pressure to help breakdown the soiling further & release it from the bottom of the pile. For the final part of the cleaning process is the use of the rinse extraction machine, this extracts the water, cleaning products & the soiling from the carpets. In cases when there is a heavy soil load, this part of the process is repeated to ensure maximum results.

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Cleaning in Bath
Deep clean of carpets in Somerset
Professional Carpet Cleaning in Somerset

As you can see from the selection of before & after photos above & below, Jake achieved some great results here. The carpets were looking so much fresher & cleaner of a result of a deep clean that was also a green clean.

Carpet Deep Cleaning in Bath
Bath Carpet Cleaning

You can see more about our carpet cleaning service including some great videos of our technicians hard at work by visiting the relevant page – Carpet Cleaning

If you have any questions about carpet cleaning or would like a quote to have your carpets professionally cleaned, please do not hesitate to contact us. All of our contact details can be found here – Contact Us

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