A flea problem

Last week, a homeowner in Cirencester got in touch to ask if we could help. The situation was, that despite a recent fumigation treatment, there was still considered to be a risk of flea infestation in the property

In this scenario, there are a number of ways our team can rapidly improve matters.


How we can help

As an eco-friendly company, we strive to offer a complete range of specialist cleaning services to our customers without compromising on our commitment to the environment. In order to achieve this, we have sought out some of the world’s leading  suppliers in the eco-cleaning sector & offer a wide range of entirely environmentally friendly products. We field-test every single product we use to ensure that it is able to deliver outstanding results, without danger to the planet.

Our eco-friendly method to treat a flea infestation

1. The Green Man approach to a flea infestation begins with a physical extraction. Using a high powered commercial vacuum cleaner (specifically, one with a motorised beater bar), we conduct a thorough dry extraction moving both with & against the carpet pile. 

This is an effective first offensive to remove a large amount of fleas & eggs.

2. Next, we will apply a generous amount of our eco-sanitising pre-spray. Not only does this provide an exceptional deep-clean , but its powerful molecular action actually dismantles fleas & their eggs. 

It is often assumed that eco-friendly means ineffective, but we can assure you that this completely safe & hypo-allergenic product will effectively kill fleas (& mites, & carpet moth) on contact.

3. After a short dwell time, we will then rinse extract the carpet with one of our powerful, energy efficient extraction machines. This removes residual fleas & eggs, as well as any soil/grease etc. that was within the carpet pile.


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