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Whilst carpet cleaning in Frome the other day, we passed this field that had one or two new-born calves tottering about in it. Although carpet cleaning is hard work, the variety of each day and the fact that it takes outside of Frome through the surrounding countryside, is one of its many positives.

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One of the key benefits of booking a professional carpet clean from our Frome-based service is the skill & tools that such a service brings. 

Stage 1 of our work is dry extraction using a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner. Usually using a Sebo BS36, this process can recover of 70% of soils latent in the carpet.

Stage 2 is Spot & Stain work. Green Man carry a broad range of solutions to treat the huge variety of stains we encounter. While we cannot guarantee every stain will vanish, we are all fully trained and guarantee to do everything we can to dramatically improve matters.

Stage 4 is application of our eco-friendly pre-spray. This is superior to traditional detergents, free-rinsing & will sanitise all areas.

Stage 5 is agitation. In the image to the left, you see our carpet & upholstery cleaning technician agitating the carpet. This works the solution evenly through the carpet & assists in breaking down stubborn soils.

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Stage 6 is usually traditional rinse extraction, sometimes called steam cleaning. Our customers in Frome, Rode, Mells & Bruton are often surprised to learn that it is not steam that we use to rinse a carpet.

In the image, you see our manager wielding a carpet cleaning wand. This tool fires an atomised solution of water and rinse additive into the carpet, which is simultaneously recovered (along with all the soils, greases etc. which we have rendered soluble) by a powerful vacuum unit.

Because our process is eco-friendly, the additive we use carries environmentally harmless encapsulating polymers which deodorise your carpet & leave it more resistant to staining.

As a carpet & upholstery cleaning company operating in Frome, we sometimes need to deal with much heavier levels of soiling than normally found in a domestic environment. For these types of job, we bring along our mobile truck mount machine, the Jaguar 8.4.

Green Man Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bristol Rinse
Green Man Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bristol Jaguar 8.4 1

If you have any questions about any of our range of services, or if you live outside of our normal range of operations (Frome, Rode, Trowbridge, Bruton etc.), feel free to get in touch to find out how we can help.

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