Traditional & Modern Carpet Cleaning

We offer the full range of Professional Carpet Cleaning services, including: Traditional deep-cleans, Modern low-moisture cleans & so-called Zero-Drying time cleans.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Green Man deliver a full professional upholstery cleaning service to complement the extensive variety of designs & fabric types available.

Professional Rug Cleaning

Whether it's Persian or Swedish...Green Man deliver an outstanding rug cleaning service using traditional methods, eco-friendly solutions, but with a fraction of the water that specialist rug plants dispose of.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our 5-van team offers up to 8 professionally trained technicians to deliver commercial cleaning across the South West.

Whether it's a restoration end-of-tenancy clean, communal area, AirBnB or five-storey office building, Green Man have a solution to meet your needs.

Decontamination Services

Our technicians deliver professional decontamination services to both commercial & domestic customers.


We are now delivering COVID-19 related decontamination cleaning

End of Tenancy

When it's time to leave, Green Man offer you a responsive & guaranteed end of tenancy carpet cleaning service to ensure both you & your agency/landlord get the result you need.

Welcome to Green Man,


Your Local Upholstery Cleaning Professionals in Frome.


A quick glance at the range of services most carpet cleaners offer, you will find that the majority also list “upholstery cleaning”. This is because the equipment we use is (more or less) interchangeable:

  • The powerful vacuums that can remove over 70% of dry soil from a carpet will also be used in the initial dry extraction process we conduct on upholstery fabrics.
  • The spotters & solutions that we use to treat soils, grease & other contaminants in carpets are mostly useable on furniture too.
  • The powerful rinse extraction machine used as the final stage in deep-cleaning your carpet is also used (with a smaller hand-tool) to finish the upholstery cleaning process.


… upholstery cleaning is not a job for poorly trained, inexperienced technicians. It is also one of the most challenging aspects of our job because of the huge range of possible fabric types, many of which can either disintegrate or brown if treated incorrectly. 

Fabrics such as viscose, cotton, linen, rayon are all increasingly common and often blended in differing proportions, all of which make careful pre-testing a must. 

Upholstery cleaning can also be a huge physical challenge, particularly with modern corner sofas. On average, we estimate around 30 minutes per seat is needed to do a careful job at a good pace

In the quick time-lapse below, you can just about see the main elements of professional upholstery cleaning being conducted on the final third of a colossal American corner sofa. The 32 second clip represents over an hour’s worth of work…

In Frome & Bath, we have recently noticed several local carpet cleaning companies advertising for unqualified technicians who will- presumably- learn on the job.

Before choosing a company to clean your valuable furniture, ask yourself the question: 

Do I believe this person is qualified to do the job without risk?

“As Green Man’s Frome-based technician, I have over 25 year’s experience in the carpet, rug & upholstery cleaning industry.

I learned my trade as a technician with Sears in New York City. This gave me a solid grounding in the fundamentals of cleaning. I then received advanced training and went on to work for the world renowned company, Coit. I continued investing in my own training & then established my own cleaning company in Atlanta, Georgia where my clients included many well-known names from the music industry.

I am delighted to have made my home in Frome & feel proud to be part of the Green Man team.”

– Rodney Gray


Green Man are fully accredited members of The National Carpet Cleaners Association.

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