Our Gloucester based technician visited these commercial premises at the end of October to survey some of their office carpets. Following on from that successful survey, Pete went back last week & spent a few hours carrying out the commercial carpet clean.

The boardroom carpet was the first part of the job that Pete tackled. As you can see from the adjacent photo, that were quite a few soiled areas from shoes around the table & the carpet in general was in need of a thorough clean.

After starting the cleaning process by using a commercial vacuum to pick up as much surface soiling as possible, Pete then applied stain treatments & eco-sanitising pre spray to the carpet.

Gloucester Carpet Cleaning
Gloucester Carpet Cleaning

Once these had been given time to dwell, Pete used the rotary agitation machine to gently agitate the cleaning solutions into the carpet and help bring any soiling to the surface.

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The final part of the cleaning process is the traditional rinse extraction of the carpets. This is where all the remaining water, cleaning solutions & debris are removed from the carpet leaving them cleaner, fresher & sanitised.

Next up was to tackle the stairs, as you can see from the photos, these had been subjected to a high amount of foot traffic & were certainly in need of a deep clean.

The cleaning process that Pete used in the boardroom was repeated on the stairs & produced some great results.

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For further details of the services we can offer our commercial customers please visit – Commercial Services.

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