On Tuesday evening, two of our technicians were booked to clean commercial carpets & upholstery at The Brewery Quarter in Cheltenham. This was the result of a successful survey back in September which enabled us to provide the company with a quote & cleaning plan tailored to their requirements.

The brief was to clean seven short flights of stairs, plus all the small landings & turns in-between plus two large landings. As you can imagine these areas have a lot of foot traffic & would certainly benefit from a professional deep clean.

The first step (pardon the pun!) was to thoroughly vacuum all of these areas to remove any surface debris before they applied stain treatments & eco-sanitising pre-spray to them. These solutions were then given time to dwell so that they can break down & loosen as much dirt, grease & stains as possible.

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The next step is to use rotary agitation to further loosen any remaining soiling as well as working the cleaning solutions into the carpets to allow for a rigorous clean.

The final part of our cleaning process is the traditional rinse extraction. This is where we use hot water to extract any remaining soiling or product residue from the carpets.

Once the carpets had been successfully tackled, it was time to start work on the upholstery. There were seven office chairs with a heavy soil load that were subject to the above cleaning method to ensure a good level of clean.

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Once the clean was successfully completed, the carpets & upholstery were left to dry naturally overnight so everything was clean & dry for the office workers to return the following day. Upon completion, all of the carpets & upholstery have received the full professional cleaning method & have been sanitised, deodorised & left more resistant to staining as part of the process

If you are interested in arranging a survey for any of your commercial flooring or upholstery needs, you can find further information on the services we offer here – Commercial & Office Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning In Bath & Bristol Area (greenmancleaning.co.uk)

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