Great results on Stone & Wood floor cleaning in Somerset

Conservatory stone floor cleaning

This week saw two of our technicians spend a productive few days cleaning a range of wooden & stone floors in a lovely commercial property near Castle Cary in Somerset. This was following on from a successful survey where the floors were evaluated & pre-tested so that we knew what we were working with & we were able to put together a comprehensive plan & quotation for the customer.

To prepare the floor for cleaning, our technician thoroughly swept the floor to remove all the surface debris.

They then applied an environmentally friendly stone cleaning solution to the floor using the rotary agitation machine which gently cleans the floor whilst applying some pressure to help lift any stubborn staining.

A wet vac was then used to collect all the remaining slurry. This part of the cleaning process is often repeated to ensure the maximum amount of soiling is recovered.

Once this has been done, it is time to manually clean the grout. Unfortunately for our technicians, this means getting down on their hands & knees to clean the grout by hand using a grout brush.

Professional stone floor cleaning in Somerset
Professional stone floor cleaning in Somerset

Once the stone & grout have been successfully cleaned, air-movers are used to force the floor dry ready for sealing. Throughout the clean, our technicians have used ECOPROTEC products & this was also the case with the seal. A colour enhancing seal from ECOPROTEC was applied, this seal repels water, oil & grease & helps protect against staining.

Limestone floor cleaning and sealing in Somerset
Limestone floor polishing in Somerset
Limestone floor polishing in Somerset
Limestone floor cleaning and sealing in Somerset
Limestone floor profesisional polishing in Somerset

Once the stone floor had been completed, it was time to move on to the wooden floor. This floor was laid when the property was built around 5 years go & unusually the designers had chosen not to add any protective finish to the wooden floor. This meant that is looked very dry & was in need of some professional cleaning to give them a new lease of life.

Professional stone cleaning in Castle Cary

Similarly to the stone floors, we used the rotary agitation machine to clean the floors & changed the cleaning solution to one made specifically for wooden floors. As previously mentioned, the combined cleaning solutions & pressure applied by the weighted machine gives the floor a robust clean whilst still being gentle.

Our technicians then applied FIDDES Floor wax & this was buffed in using the rotary agitation machine. Once this had been completed, the wax was applied to the stairs & manually polished.

Wood floor polishing in Somerset
Commercial wood floor cleaning in Somerset

Both floors looked great on completion but due to how dry the wooden floor had looked on arrival, this was a great result. Our clients were very happy with the outcome & quick to say how pleased they were & agree that the wooden floor in particular looks fantastic & it has most certainly been given a new lease of life!

If you have an enquiry or would like to arrange a survey, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find all of our contact details here – Contact Us

We hope to hear from you soon.

Commercial cleaning in Somerset

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