Great rug cleaning results in beautiful Castle Combe

Our technician, Joanne spent a productive few hours in Castle Combe last week cleaning some large colourful rugs. Both rugs had been the victims of flood water & although they were now dry, they were in need of a deep clean to remove any unsavoury bacteria & odours.

The customer had a nice big kitchen that Joanne could work in with easy access to water & electricity. The very first step in rug cleaning is to lay tarpaulins underneath them to protect the floor from getting wet.

Then we carry out a pre test of the material to ensure they will be no dye migration during the cleaning process.

Once we know what we are working with, the next step is to thoroughly vaccum the rugs front & back using a commercial grade vacuum cleaner.

IMG 20240205 WA0017 1

Then it is time to apply a stain treatment. Any stains that the technician can see have a stain solution applied as well as an eco-sanitising pre-spray. These are then left to dwell to help ensure as much of the soiling is broken down as possible.

We then agitate the rug, this works the hot water & cleaning products into the rug to provide a thorough clean & help break up any stubborn soiling.

The last part of the cleaning process is the traditional rinse extraction. This machine removes all the remaining soiling, water & cleaning solutions from the rug providing a deep clean.

IMG 20240205 WA0014 1

With rugs such as the one above that have fringes, these are also cleaned & regroomed.

As one of these rugs was particularly large, our technician cleaned this one first & then used an air-mover to help with the drying process. This was then left for the customer overnight to speed up the drying process for both rugs.

Another great job completed by Joanne & another happy customer!

IMG 20240205 WA0016 1

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