Green Man Commercial Carpet & Marble Cleaning at The Roman Baths

Commercial carpet cleaning South West

From time to time, our team is presented with a project that challenges us both in terms of the technical demands of the work & the scale of the proposition.

On this occasion, both these elements were present, but with the additional interest of the location being a UNESCO World heritage Site – The Roman Baths, including The Pump Room, Kingston Room & Drawing Room.

Commercial carpet cleaning in Bristol & Bath

The Roman Baths is a unique & complex location with a wide variety of flooring types of varying ages and conditions. We were asked to consider cleaning & refinishing two different types of flooring – large areas of formal commercial carpeting & three separate locations of sealed marble flooring.

Green Man are a team of (currently) 8 skilled technicians operating across the South West. As a company, we specialise in large scale floor cleaning/restoration projects, as well as delivering high quality domestic services such as carpet/rug/upholstery cleaning, carpet repair, flood restoration & wood floor sanding.

Our survey focused on specific requirements in several areas, namely:

  • The Pump Room – rinse extraction cleaning of 250 m2 modular carpet
  • Kingston Room – rinse extraction cleaning of bespoke oriental style rug, approx 28 m2
  • Drawing Room – rinse extraction cleaning of bespoke oriental style rug, approx 28 m2
  • Prom corridor – remove historic layers of polyurethane seal, deep-clean of the historic marble, force drying & application of new topical seal (gloss)

The location is open to the public 7 days a week. For this reason, all the work was required to be carried out at night.

For efficiency and because we have the capacity, we decided to deliver the majority of the work across a single night.

This required deployment of two teams simultaneously, involving six technicians.

Professional carpet cleaning at the Roman Baths

The carpet cleaning aspect of this job involved the full professional method: pre-vacuuming, stain removal, application of a suitable pre-spray, rotary agitation & traditional rinse extraction. Carrying out this work on a range of valuable large rugs & modular carpeting requires careful co-ordination, pre-testing and a system that reduces risk of over-wetting.

Professional rug cleaning in Bath
Commercial carpet cleaning in the Pump Rooms, Bath
Commercial carpet cleaning in Bath

The marble flooring in the various corridors of the upper Roman Bath complex is comprised of multiple types of marble. Because of the extremely high level of foot traffic, it is coated in a tough protective coating designed to provide a durable and reflective surface. This type of coating, known as a topical seal, is designed to endure the abrasion and knocks that Bath’s premier tourist location demands.

Over time, topical seals scratch and dull; they are designed to be removed and replaced with fresh coats of seal. This is achieved through chemical stripping using a high ph solution.

Prior to applying large quantities of stripping solution in the Prom, the whole team carefully applied masking tape to the skirting boards & statue plinths –

Commercial tile cleaning in the South West
Stone cleaning service in Bath

After several pre-tests on the prior survey, we chose LTP Solvex as our stripper of choice. It has low odour and is highly effective at breaking down old seal.

Stripping marble using LTP Solvex
Commercial stone floor cleaning in South West UK
Commercial floor stripping in Bath & Bristol
Spreading LTP Solvex on marble flooring in the Roman Baths

Once the stripper had had sufficient time to work, we used weighted rotary machines (aka floor scrubbers) to remove the seal and apply a cleaning solution to the marble flooring…

Commercial stone floor refinishing in Bath
Mechanical stripping of a sealed marble floor

The resulting slurry was then lifted using commercial wet vacs.

Once the marble was clean and dry, it was time to apply new coats of topical seal. After careful consideration, we specified LTP Ironwax Gloss. It’s a low maintenance self-shine gloss finish film forming acrylic sealer that enhances colour and texture, protects against staining and stubborn dirt, easy to maintain.

We applied the seal in stages across multiple nights to ensure maximum drying time and the strongest possible adhesion. This is likely to be the most walked upon floor we ever treat, so it was imperative to get the finish right.

Applying LTP Ironwax Gloss to marble flooring in the Roman Baths
LTP Ironwax seal applied in the Roman Baths 1
Marble polishing service in Bath 1

~ After six coats of the topical seal, the Prom floor now has a renewed lustre, as well as being protected.

Ongoing maintenance will now include interim mopping using LTP Floorshine, which helps to reinforce protection on surfaces sealed with LTP Ironwax Gloss

If you have any questions regarding this case study, or wish to enquire about a commercial project you have in mind, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you for reading.

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