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After a deep-clean, sometimes a stain will return. Often, we find this can happen when treating tricky stains like blood, but sometimes a stain will appear out of nowhere as a carpet or piece of upholstery dries.

Also, we’re only human and, very occasionally, an area is missed or requires a second treatment.


For each of the reasons above, Green Man operate with a full honour guarantee on all the work we do.

This week’s example…

On Monday, we had conducted a deep-clean of the carpets in a bedroom, landing, stairs, as well as a modern rug.

During the survey the previous week, we had noted that the carpet was quite old & worn. We stated that we were able to remove most of the soil & stains from the carpet but, because of its condition, the carpet would still show signs of wear.

The customer booked us in & our technician gave the carpets & rug a full professional deep-clean.

This involved:

  • Dry extraction/vacuuming
  • Spot/stain treatments, as necessary 
  • Eco-sanitising pre-spray 
  • Rotary agitation (oscillating pad machine with soft brushes)
  • Traditional rinse extraction (including a rinse additive that will deodorises & leaves carpets/rug more resistant to staining)


Later in the day, the customer called me to explain that they were not satisfied & the carpet did not look evenly clean. They sent over some images via WhatsApp to illustrate:

Within ten minutes, I analysed the images (which confirmed our thoughts from the original survey) and responded:

Our technician was able to schedule in a call-back the next day.

This time, he used a different type of tech to treat the carpet. Although a less deep-clean, the encapsulating solution used was able to add a bit more brightness to the tired carpet.


The customer’s response

Green Man aim to deliver outstanding customer service on each and every job. 

This doesn’t mean we get everything right every time, but we try to.

Our honour guarantee is an iron-clad commitment to ensure our customers know they are dealing with a company that is genuinely determined to ensure consistent customer service on every job.


Thank you for reading.

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