Iron Burn Carpet Repair

Iron burn carpet repair before

The image above shows a “classic” iron burn. There’s no disguising what caused this & there’s no way the landlord is going to miss it. If you are a tenant and are concerned about losing a large chunk of your deposit over a moment’s distraction, get in touch.

As long as you have a similar (or preferably larger) size of spare carpet somewhere, we can help. This donor piece can also be cut from a cupboard or from under the stairs, if this is all there is.

While we cannot promise that the repair will be i n v i s i b l e, we will do our utmost to carry out a professional carpet repair so that it is as seamless as possible.

Iron burn carpet repair after
Iron burn carpet repair after

Once the work is complete, the insert is bonded to the carpet around it, not simply glued to the floor! This ensures a durable & secure repair that should last as long as the carpet surrounding it.

Iron burn carpet repair after close up
Iron burn carpet repair after close up

If you have any questions regarding a carpet repair, please get in touch.

Thank you for reading.

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